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A special recipe for single malt whiskey was born in the expanses of Scotland. The Glenfiddich logo takes the customer back to the origins of the ancient drink and emphasizes its naturalness and time-tested composition.

Glenfiddich: Brand overview

Founder:William Grant & Sons
Dufftown, Moray, Scotland
Glenfiddich is the world’s most popular single malt Scotch whiskey and is also the name of the brand that distributes it. It is produced by William Grant & Sons, a family company based in Dufftown, Moray. An alcoholic drink is complemented by Robbie Dhu Spring water. It has been awarded many International Spirits Challenge awards for its high taste and original composition. The year the distillery appeared was 1886. The first release of whiskey took place in 1887.

Meaning and History

Glenfiddich Logo History

The founder of the winery is William Grant from the Scottish city of Dufftown. He built a distillery on the banks of the Fiddich River and produced the first cube of whiskey the next Christmas. For thirty years of existence, the outback place has acquired the infrastructure that the Grant family created. Coopers, coopers, factory workers appeared there because the founders of the enterprise actively involved the population in carrying out various activities. The owners knew a lot about marketing.

During the decline that came in the 60-the 70s of the last century, the William Grant & Sons distillery held large-scale promotions. She opened a visitor center, promoted her brand offsite, and launched a campaign to promote single malt whiskey as a premium brand in its own right. Gradually, these alcoholic products became recognizable in the country and began to go beyond its borders – to the markets of the United States and other countries. Naturally, each bottle had a label with a unique emblem, which, on the one hand, aroused curiosity and, on the other hand, instilled confidence.

An active marketing strategy brought results: Glenfiddich was recognized as the most sought-after whiskey. Today, its implementation has been established in 180 countries. The Grant dynasty still manages the company and the brand: the fifth generation of William’s descendants is at the head of the enterprise. The logo, the main element of which is a red deer, remains almost unchanged. It is directly related to the brand’s name since the territory where it is located has a similar name – Glenfiddich, that is, “deer valley.” Therefore, the trademark emblem is a deer head. It exists in three versions.

1886 – 2007

Glenfiddich Logo 1886

The debut logo was used for a very long period. This is a good composition, excellent marketing, and a balanced ratio of text and graphics. The latter is extremely important because alcohol brands try to fill the label with a huge amount of verbal information. The logo depicts a deer with large branched antlers, which speak of the venerable age of a noble animal.

The deer is colored brown and looks to the left. Before it is the company’s name, typed in a serif font. The type of drink is also indicated there: “Single Malt” (top row) and “Scotch Whiskey” (bottom row). The word “Glenfiddich” is black with a beige “highlight” on the right as a thin line. The year of the company’s foundation, which is located on both sides of the deer, has the same color.

2007 – 2014

Glenfiddich Logo 2007

Designers have added lightness and ease to the logo. But at the same time, he remained almost the same as before. The central place is given to a proud deer depicted in just a few strokes. Like the small inscriptions below, it is made in golden brown or copper, which almost matches the color of the whiskey. The developers removed the double stripe from the brand name, making the letters two-dimensional.

2014 – today

Glenfiddich Logo

In the current logo, the designers separated the text from the deer, placing them at a distance from each other. Moreover, they simplified the logo and made it easy to understand. The inscription is no longer black but graphite. The bottom text has disappeared completely, and the red deer looks very proud, as it stands with its antlers raised high, which have become even more branched.

Font and Colors

Glenfiddich Emblem

The modernization of the logo from the first moment was associated with the transformation of the deer. In each successive emblem, he acquired a new look. The designers, of course, left the main features unchanged but changed the small touches. As a result, they received a completely different image – more proud and important. Also, great attention has always been paid to the color scheme, where golden-copper is still the predominant hue.

The logo uses a modern interpretation of serifs: sharp and thin but discreet and classic at first glance. The winery has chosen a premium custom typeface for its name – unique, clean, and confident Glenfiddich Modern.

Glenfiddich Symbol

The signature palette is dominated by a copper shade close to the golden spectrum – Pagoda Copper. There are also two secondary colors: New Make (refreshing white) and Fiddich Stone (graphite reminiscent of granite).

Glenfiddich color codes

Windsor TanHex color:#a77042
RGB:167 112 66
CMYK:0 33 60 35
Pantone:PMS 7566 C
Cassel EarthHex color:#413636
RGB:65 54 54
CMYK:0 17 17 75
Pantone:PMS 439 C