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The Glister logo does not convey the brand’s essence because it does not contain obvious allusions to oral hygiene. The rounded letters resemble the soft outlines of the lips, but there is no direct reference to their shape. Sharp ends are associated with toothpicks, and smooth curves speak of the ergonomics of accessories for caring for teeth and gums. In turn, green is a symbol of health, purity, and naturalness.

Glister: Brand overview

United States
Glister is a line of hygiene products for oral cavity care. It was founded in 1982 and belonged to the US marketing company Amway. The brand offers a full range of accessories and products to support healthy teeth and gums, which influenced its logo’s design.

Meaning and History

Glister Symbol

The Glister trademark received a personal sign of visual identity simultaneously with the release of the first toothpaste. No changes were made during its use: it looks the same as it did almost forty years ago. His main task is to present the product, which he does an excellent job.

Essentially, a logo is a wordmark – minimalistic, precise, and understandable. The word “glister” is in lower case and takes up all the white background space. Its peculiarity is the tops of the legs “l,” “I,” “t” cut diagonally. Although ordinary letters also have a cut, it is pronounced on the emblem due to the lack of serifs. Also, “r” looks individually, in which the upper segment is made in the form of half an arch.

What is Glister?

Glister is a line of oral care products, including toothpaste and mouthwash. It belongs to the company Amway, which launched it in 1982 for teeth whitening, plaque removal, and enamel remineralization. The headquarters is located in the city of Ada, Michigan.

Glister: Interesting Facts

Glister is a brand that makes products for your teeth, like toothpaste and mouth sprays. It’s owned by Amway, a big company that sells products directly to people worldwide.

  1. Multi-use Toothpaste: Glister toothpaste does a lot of things. It cleans your teeth, makes them whiter, and helps keep the enamel strong.
  2. Available Everywhere: Because it’s part of Amway, Glister products are available in many countries. It’s known worldwide.
  3. You Only Need a Little: Glister’s stuff is concentrated, so you don’t need to use it much. This saves you money and is better for the planet because there’s less waste.
  4. Science-Driven: Glister seriously ensures its products are safe and work well. It conducts extensive scientific research to prove this.
  5. Eco-friendly: Amway, and therefore Glister, tries to be good to the environment. They make their products in a way that doesn’t hurt the planet.
  6. Sold by People: You buy Glister products from Amway representatives, not stores. This means you get personal advice on what’s best for you.
  7. Breath Fresheners: Besides toothpaste, Glister makes sprays that quickly freshen breath, showing that it keeps up with what customers want.
  8. Teaching About Teeth: Glister also helps teach people how to care for their teeth and gums, aiming to make everyone’s smiles healthier.
  9. Always Getting Better: Amway’s focus on research and development means Glister keeps improving with the latest in tooth care science.
  10. Trusted Brand: Glister has been around for a long time, earning people’s trust through its quality and effectiveness.

Glister is more than just toothpaste; it’s about taking good care of your teeth with advanced, eco-friendly products and learning the best ways. Plus, buying from Amway means getting personalized service.

Font and Colors

Glister Emblem

The text is very important for the brand, so the designers paid increased attention to it, making it well readable: simple and chopped up. The palette of the logo is pastel. Light green is chosen as the main color.

Glister color codes

Kelly GreenHex color:#52ab00
RGB:82 171 0
CMYK:52 0 100 33
Pantone:PMS 802 C