Global Blue Unveils New Logo and Brand Identity

Global Blue Logo New

Global Blue, known for pioneering tax-free shopping, has introduced a new visual identity to highlight its growth as a comprehensive provider of payment and post-purchase solutions. This rebranding effort shows the company’s commitment to enhancing the entire shopping journey for its partners and customers.

The new logo, designed by the Parisian agency ARTFEELSGOOD, features a modern sans-serif typeface with clean lines and a balanced structure. The font choice reflects clarity and simplicity, aligning with the company’s goal of making processes straightforward for both partners and consumers. The evenly spaced letters create a harmonious and easily readable wordmark that conveys reliability and professionalism.

Global Blue Logo Evolution

The logo’s color palette incorporates shades of blue and white, evoking trust and security, essential in payment and tax refund services. Gradients within the blue tones add depth and modernity, ensuring the logo stands out in digital and physical environments.

Accompanying the wordmark is a sleek, abstract icon representing a journey, symbolizing the seamless shopping experience that Global Blue aims to provide. This icon features smooth curves and precise angles, suggesting movement and progression. Its minimalist design ensures it can be easily recognized and remembered, reinforcing the brand identity across various platforms.

The new identity is adaptable and designed to work seamlessly across different mediums, from digital interfaces and mobile apps to physical signage in Global Blue VIP Lounges and refund points. This flexibility ensures consistent brand visibility and recognition wherever customers encounter Global Blue services.

Global Blue Logo Old

The overall visual identity has been refreshed to create a cohesive look and feel across all touchpoints. This includes new icons and graphics that align with the logo’s minimalist and modern aesthetic, providing a unified visual experience throughout the company’s communication materials.

The company’s online presence, including the website and mobile app, has been redesigned to reflect the new visual identity. The user-friendly interface enhances the customer experience, making it easier for users to navigate, find information, and complete transactions, reinforcing Global Blue’s commitment to simplifying processes for its customers.

Global Blue has introduced several enhancements to its services as part of the rebranding effort. These include improved features that facilitate the shopper’s journey, from the point of purchase to receiving tax refunds. The new visual identity is prominently displayed throughout these touchpoints, ensuring that the enhanced customer experience is associated with the refreshed look of Global Blue.