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Google Home Logo

Google Home Logo
Google Home Logo PNG

Google Home is an application developed by Google LLC, which owns. It is distributed free of charge and is designed to control a smart home, including all devices it contains – from speakers to a refrigerator. The program allows you to turn on and off devices at a distance, make shopping lists, receive notifications about what is happening in the room, and much more. The utility is available for iPad, iPhone, Android and is compatible with Google services. It also helps to set up digital hardware Chromecast, Google Home, Google Nest. Its release date is 2016.

Meaning and History

Google Home Logo History
Evolution of the Google Home Logo

This software is part of the Google product group and provides advanced control over technicians’ actions from a distance. The list includes many devices: lamps, speakers, thermostats, sockets, cameras, etc. They are compatible and united by the smart home system. The software can open fresh online messages and play reminders.

The application has a general settings section, which includes several items, including control over the house as a whole, individual rooms, and equipment groups. In addition, it is possible to change and delete the address. The developers have proposed several services that are also available using this utility. So, users can select the desired TV channel, radio station, shoot video, take photos, make a video call, and much more.

This variety of features, settings, and services is reflected in the logo. To emphasize โ€‹โ€‹the unity of opportunity, the designers used a clear image of the house – the way most people paint it. At the bottom is a rectangle; at the top is a triangle.

Both geometric shapes are connected to form the walls, floor, and roof of the building. This is clear to everyone who uses the program, regardless of the language environment. The variety of features and capabilities is highlighted not only by the number of straight lines that form the house but also by the multicolored patterns commonly found in the Google product family.

Google Home Symbol

The symbology of a digital application consists of two parts, which are used separately from each other in certain cases. Today, the graphic version is predominant. It is a schematic representation of a building.

The house is formed by straight lines folded into a rectangle with a square at the top. The right side is completely blue (makeshift wall and half of the roof). The left part is two-colored and consists of yellow (wall) and red (second roof fragment). The bottom is colored green. Such a variety of colors speaks for the rich selection of programs part of the Google product series.

The stripes that form the logo are wide. Moreover, their value does not change and is the same in all places, including folds. At the same time, the icon is visually divided into several parts, like similar designations for other services of this company. Until 2019, the graphic emblem was present on all its products, not just on the software. But then it began to mean only an application. The text consists of the name of the utility. It is executed in rounded gray letters.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Google Home Emblem

For the logo, the developers chose a sleek sans-serif typeface that closely resembles the Sailboat Grotesk Regular. It is used for the word “Home” with thin and flowing lines. The only difference between them is in the wide “H.” The word “Google” is written in sharper, bolder characters with the letter “e” rotated diagonally.

The logo uses Google’s proprietary palette of red, blue, yellow, and green. All her programs are marked with such bright colors. The inscription is in gray.