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Got7’s logo is as standard as the music performed by this South Korean group. There is nothing extraordinary about it: geometric letters with a star in the center of the “O” and the number 7 at the end. According to the designers’ idea, such an inscription symbolizes happiness and the stable position occupied by the musicians in the vocal sphere.

Got7: Brand overview

Founded:2014 – present
Founder:JYP Entertainment
Seoul, South Korea
Got7 is a South Korean musical project created by JYP Entertainment in 2014. The group consists of seven people: Yugyeom, BamBam, Youngjae, Jinyoung, Jackson, Mark, and Jay B. They perform songs in trap, dance, hip-hop, pop, k-pop, and some other styles with the addition of elements of street dance and martial arts. Their first collection is “Got It?”. It rose to second place in the Gaon charts and first in the Billboard rankings. At the end of 2014, the performers signed an agreement with Sony Music Entertainment Japan. In 2021, the boy band left the JYP Entertainment agency as their contract term expired.

Meaning and History

Got7 Logo History

The group, easily identifiable worldwide by its original Got7 logo, started as an experiment. Therefore, the participants were gathered in different ways. Some were personally invited by JYP Entertainment after auditions, and others were found by scouts in various cities worldwide. One became a member of the group thanks to a dance school; another went abroad for an audition, and two were actors and debuted as a duo. Four performers joined the collective after a reality show. That is, each of the guys came to the boy band their own way. In the end, there were seven of them, which became decisive for their identity. The fact is that in the East, the number 7 is considered lucky, and the group’s name actually means: “seven lucky people gathered together.”

This was reflected in the visual identity of the music band because the designers combined text with graphics and made something unique that has no analogs. The letters look like geometric shapes, and in the center of the “O” is a five-pointed star. In the second emblem, the boundaries between the image and the word are completely blurred because the “G” looks more like a graphic element than a symbol from the alphabet. Overall, this collective has had two logos in its history.

What is Got7?

Got7 is a South Korean boy band formed in 2014 by JYP Entertainment. It consists of seven performers who joined the group in various ways. The band’s repertoire includes songs of various genres: pop, hip-hop, dance, trap, soul, dub, and others. The musicians debuted with the album “Got It?”.

2014 – 2022

Got7 Logo 2014

The group’s name takes center stage to emphasize the concept: “seven happy people gathered in one place.” The inscription has a strict geometric shape, with all glyphs in uppercase. The corners are cut off, and replaced by short and straight lines, effectively doubling the number of angles. This can be clearly seen in the “O” and the lower half of the “G.” In contrast, the “T” has only angles and sharp points. To the right is a silvery number 7, styled similarly to the adjacent letters and placed closely to them.

2022 – today

Got7 Logo

In 2021, the contract between Got7 and JYP Entertainment expired, prompting a logo change. The new logo features a figure-based “G” formed from five straight segments. Two of them are on the right and resemble the mathematical “greater than” symbol “>,” while three form a sports goal-like shape. Below it, the group’s name is displayed in uppercase using a grotesque font.

The concept of the seven lucky ones is preserved in both the first and second logo versions. Therefore, designers do not separate the number 7 from the word “Got” to align the idea with the visual representation better. However, the band’s identity is not elaborate but practical. It features geometric motifs rather than glamorous elements, which is common for pop performers. This is likely due to the combination of musical performances with martial arts and street dance, where precision, rigor, and confidence are valued.

Font and Colors

Got7 Emblem

The debut emblem features a custom inscription using a font created specifically for this project, so it has no analogs. In the second case, designers chose a typeface similar to Porter FT Bold by Tyler Finck, with minor modifications. The logo’s color palette is restrained, predominantly featuring black, silver, and white.

Got7 Symbol

Got7 color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C