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The whiskey, whose quality has been approved by more than one generation, reflects Grant’s logo. The emblem indicates the long-term blending and the ancient technologies used in production. Therefore, the drink gets a unique taste.

Grant’s: Brand overview

Founder:William Grant & Sons
Grant’s is a brand of blended whiskey made by the Scottish company William Grant & Sons based on light grain whiskey supplied by the Girvan distillery. It mixes with different ingredients and is fruity, spicy, honey, malty, creamy, and more. The full range includes spirits 25, 18, 12, and Sherry Cask, Ale Cask, and Family Reserve. Since 1957, whiskey has been bottled in branded bottles with a triangular cross-section, the shape of which was developed by the German designer Hans Schleger. Subsequently, it was slightly corrected and modernized.

Meaning and History

Grant's Logo History

In 1886, William Grant worked at the distillery as an accountant. When Pattison’s (the largest supplier of Scotch whiskey at the time) went bankrupt, Grant launched his production, naming the brand after his last name. He built a small business called Glenfiddich in Dufftown. He was assisted in the business by seven sons and two daughters, along with their husbands. One of the sons-in-law supplied products to the Far East and Australia. In 1909, he brought alcohol there for a year.

Then, in 1915, there were rules according to which Scotch whiskey must mature for two years and only then go on sale. Many wineries went bankrupt because they couldn’t afford it. But Grant’s distillery persevered: it always had a supply, and it could withstand whiskey for 24 months, as it was stored in a warehouse. Continuous production has not been stopped.

At the time of William Grant’s death (he died in 1923), the family business was fully established and brought in a solid income. In 1979, Grant’s blended whiskey sale amounted to 1 million cases. Now the brand, like the company, is completely concentrated in the hands of this family. The current head of Glenn Gordon is the fifth representative of the dynasty. And branded products are supplied to more than 180 countries of the world. In the first half of 2020, the company sold 4.1 million cases of this alcoholic beverage.

In 2002, the company updated the label and bottle. As a result, the glass container was corrected, and the company emblem and the slogan “Stand Fast” were embossed on the sticker. In addition, later designers placed on it the inscription “Est. 1887” and the phrase “Independent Family Distillers for Five Generations.”

the 1950s – 2015

Grant's Logo 1950s

The emblem shows a powerful branchy oak – a symbol of an ancient dynasty and a strong family. The tree has many branches and countless leaves. Beneath it is the brand name printed in large bold letters. The font is printed, classic, with serifs. The upper and lower parts are united by an open ring, assembled from three segments. The iconic bottle inspires this shape, so the image on the label is surrounded by a triangular outline with rounded corners, following its shape. Moreover, the monochrome logo is completely made with a slight golden tint.

2015 – 2018

Grant's Logo 2015

In 2015, a total modernization of the logo was carried out. It resulted in an updated emblem in the form of a burgundy square with white inscriptions “Grant’s” (printed above) and “Stand Together” (handwritten below). The designers removed the triangle with rounded corners and turned it into two golden arches. Above the name of the branded Scotch whiskey, they placed the Grant family crest, which clearly shows two men holding a pentagonal shield.

2018 – today

Grant's Logo

After another update of the identity, the distillery company Grant’s uses a minimalist logo. It features the brand name in large black print and the family crest in gold. All elements in the generic family sign remained the same: two men holding a shield and standing on platforms with the words “Stand” and “Fast.” In addition, the year of the company’s foundation appeared in the emblem – “Est. 1887”.

Font and Colors

Grant's Emblem

Its evolution progressed gradually, not in jerks: there were no cardinal transitions in the distillery’s identity. All motifs were predominantly associated with heraldry, historical events, and the name. Particular emphasis was placed on curved lines, which at first symbolized an open triangle, and at the end, turned into two inverted brackets.

Grant's Symbol

Grant’s logo contains several text elements. The largest lettering is in an elegant typeface that resembles a cross between Manchester and Alter Headletter. This is a classic serif with broad lines and fine serifs. The color scheme is stable: it is always has golden, complemented by black, white, and sometimes burgundy.

Grant’s color codes

FawnHex color:#dca668
RGB:220 166 104
CMYK:0 25 53 14
Pantone:PMS 7411 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C