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The Grecav logo emphasizes patriotism and the company’s historical roots. Every element of the emblem reflects the characteristics of the brand’s cars. The logo represents vehicles with powerful engines capable of tackling the most challenging roads.

Grecav: Brand overview

Grecav was formed in 1964 due to the merger of two Italian firms, Fratelli Grespan and Cavalletti. Its headquarters were in Gonzaga (province of Mantua), under the leadership of Bruno Grespan, who still runs the company. Grecav has made a name for itself by mastering several industries, particularly the production of passenger cars and agricultural machinery.

Grecav’s automotive division specializes in producing small commercial and off-road vehicles. Over the years, the company has released several models that have garnered attention, including the Grecav Sonique and the Grecav Esempi. The latest addition to the lineup is the KC1R buggy.

Alongside the automotive theme, Grecav has carved a niche in the agricultural sector. The company’s product range includes tractors, combines, and other agricultural-oriented machinery. This dual orientation has allowed Grecav to accumulate more than half a century of experience producing specialized vehicles and agricultural equipment, especially in the Italian market. Overall, Grecav has established itself as a cost-effective solutions provider for commercial vehicles and agriculture.

Meaning and History

Grecav Logo History

1964 – 2013

Grecav Logo

The Grecav logo reflects the company’s connection to the Gonzaga municipality in the province of Mantua. Inspired by the ancient coat of arms of the House of Gonzaga, the emblem features a quadrangular shield with a rounded base divided into four segments. Two segments have heraldic lions standing on their hind legs, each crowned, while the other two segments display three horizontal stripes each. Above the shield, the brand name is written in a futuristic font. The shield is painted with a silver gradient, while the other elements are red.

The futuristic font for the brand name signifies the company’s focus on innovation and modern solutions. The silver gradient on the shield represents refinement and elegance, aligning with the image of a premium brand. The use of red conveys passion and energy, qualities synonymous with automotive companies like Grecav.

The shield’s heraldic lions and historical symbolism highlight the brand’s heritage and connection to the Gonzaga lineage. The regal lions embody strength and nobility, reinforcing Grecav’s commitment to excellence. The horizontal stripes add a touch of classic heraldic design, balancing tradition with modernity.

The silver gradient enhances visual appeal and signifies the brand’s commitment to quality and sophistication. This effect gives the shield a polished, three-dimensional look, making the logo stand out.

Red symbolizes the passion and energy driving the brand forward. This vibrant hue reflects the dynamism and enthusiasm of the automotive industry, capturing the spirit of innovation and high performance associated with Grecav.