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The Grecav logo is intrinsically linked to the commune of Gonzaga in the province of Mantua. It’s based on the old coat of arms of the House of Gonzaga, the hereditary ruler of Mantua. The emblem features a quadrilateral shield with a rounded base, divided into four parts. Two of these sections showcase heraldic lions, crowned and standing on their hind legs. The remaining two segments contain three horizontal stripes each. At the top, the brand’s name is written in a futuristic font. The shield has a silver gradient, while all other elements are rendered in red.

The quadrilateral shield is an enduring emblem representing protection and the legacy of a time-honored ruling family. Including heraldic lions, majestic and powerful, suggests nobility and courage. Traditionally, crowned lions in heraldry often symbolize both royal authority and bravery. These traits echo the company’s values of leadership and innovation in their respective field.

The horizontal stripes contrast the lions, representing stability and groundedness, qualities equally important for the brand that delves into the automotive sector. They counterbalance the dynamism suggested by the crowned lions, highlighting the firm’s balanced approach to engineering and design.

The choice of a futuristic font for the brand’s name seamlessly blends the old with the new. While the overall design pays homage to the history and legacy of the House of Gonzaga, the font stands as a nod to modernity and forward-thinking, important attributes in the fast-paced automotive world.

Color-wise, the silver gradient on the shield portrays a sense of sophistication and high-tech allure, perfectly in line with what one would expect from a company involved in automotive engineering. Meanwhile, the red hue of the elements encapsulates vitality, passion, and action, qualities that resonate with the essence of any vehicle on the move.

Using such detailed and symbolic elements in the emblem underlines a commitment to heritage, quality, and innovation. Every aspect of the Grecav logo is meticulously chosen to reflect its complex identity—a juxtaposition of past and future, stability and dynamism, tradition and progress. It serves as a comprehensive visual narrative that does more than identify; it tells a story.

Grecav: Brand overview

Founded: 1964
Founder: Cav. Carlos Toraño
Gonzaga, Lombardy, Italy

Emerging from the unification of two Italian firms, Fratelli Grespan and Cavalletti, Grecav came into existence in 1964. Orchestrated by Bruno Grespan, who still helms the company, Grecav’s headquarters were set up in Gonzaga, located in Italy’s Mantua province. The company made its mark by venturing into multiple industrial sectors, notably light vehicles and agricultural machinery.

The automotive arm of Grecav is known for its focus on small-sized commercial and off-road vehicles. Over the years, the company has rolled out several models that gained attention, including the Grecav Sonique and the Grecav Esempi. Its most recent addition to its lineup is the buggy-like KC1R.

Alongside its automotive pursuits, Grecav has carved out a niche in the agricultural sector. The company’s product range includes tractors and combine harvesters, among other farm-centric machinery. This dual focus has allowed Grecav to cultivate more than half a century of specialized vehicle manufacturing and agricultural equipment expertise, particularly in the Italian market. Overall, Grecav has established itself as a purveyor of cost-effective commercial transport and agriculture solutions.

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