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The tuning company makes sure that all the details are in their place. This is why the GReddy logo looks appropriate: its elements are consistent and inseparable, like parts of a single mechanism. It’s a symbol of the stable and well-functioning cars that the craftsmen have perfected.

GReddy: Brand overview

Founded:April 1977
Founder:Masamitsu Hayakawa
Chiba, Japan

GReddy is a Japanese car aftermarket company. It is engaged in the production and installation of tuning parts. GReddy is considered a sub-brand of the Japanese Trust Company. The brand was founded in 1977 by Masamitsu Hayakawa. The company’s number of employees is relatively small, namely 60 people. Despite this, it is very popular with car owners who want to improve their vehicles.

Meaning and History

GReddy Symbol

In general, the GReddy slogan indicates the company’s main task. It sounds like this: “maximize the excitement and enjoyment you get from your vehicle.” Visual recognition of the brand is at a high level among tuning enthusiasts, who are in short supply in Japan. However, the brand’s products are also available outside of this country.

The company logo is a word inscription to which, in some versions, three vertical stripes of different colors are added. Thus, associations with movement are created. The letters themselves in the title are in an elegant, bold sans-serif font. They are also slightly slanted to the right, indicating the use of italics. The first two letters, “GR,” deserve special attention. They are the only ones made in uppercase and visually similar to the logos of sports teams.

What is GReddy?

This is one of the most popular car tuning brands. It is in high demand among the Japanese. The company serves thousands of local customers every year.

Moreover, one of the lines is common to the two characters, which indicates their unity. In general, there is no free space between the letters. Therefore, the logo is one continuous element.

Those lines that were mentioned above are used in different variations. Sometimes they are extremely long, and sometimes they are the background for a word inscription. They are made in orange, blue and blue. Also, sometimes even rotation is used. In the current version, they form a square to the right of which the name GReddy is written.

Globally speaking, the logo conveys the specifics of the brand. It is easy to remember and stands out from the competition, which is enough on the market. It is unlikely that the company will carry out major redesigns in the near future because with the current version hit right on target, as evidenced by the many positive reviews.

Font and Colors

GReddy Emblem

The wordmark used an elegant and modern bold sans-serif typeface. All letters are made in a unique style. In particular, this can be said about the first two capital letters, which are connected to each other. Also, the company uses italics, thus creating associations with cursive fonts. The inscription is generally easy to read and looks harmonious on any surface. Consequently, the company logo immediately catches the eye of a potential client.

The basis of the color palette is dark blue. He is used to writing the name of the company GReddy. However, it must be taken into account that three additional vertical lines are often used: orange, blue, and blue. Thus, an interesting contrast is created, which makes the logo more intuitive because these lines visually resemble the road.

GReddy color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C