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HDMI is a trademark and technical mark for a high-tech audio and video interface to transmit digital pictures and sound from one source to another. It is an innovative replacement for analog data transmission standards.

Meaning and History

HDMI Logo History
Evolution of the HDMI Logo

The creators of HDMI are a group of companies for which the transition to higher technologies was important since their production is associated with digital devices. These are Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Silicon Image, Sony, Thomson, RVA, and Toshiba. It was they who took up active development, presenting the result in December 2002.

The purpose of this mark is to confirm the certification of products. In particular, the fact that the cable products supplied with the equipment are original. Thus, the logo testifies to the devices’ reliability and performance, their compliance with the standards for high-quality broadcasting of audio and video signals.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

HDMI Emblem

The logo is an abbreviation of the phrase denoting a high-definition multimedia interface with information transmission over a single cable – High Definition Multimedia Interface. It was developed with the aim of labeling products for quick recognition. It provides anti-counterfeiting protection by ensuring that the product meets HDMI official authentication requirements.

HDMI Symbol

The emblem consists of austere capital letters. The design is simple and geometrically precise. The font is bold, almost the full equivalent of Gunship serif sans. The color scheme is black on a white background. The D symbol is made open. Below, along with the abbreviation, the full name of the technology is shown.