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Helvetic’s logo reflects the airline’s commitment to efficient and modern travel. The logo assures passengers of flights based on innovation and operational excellence. It conveys the reliability and solidity you can count on when choosing this airline, creating a lasting impression of a brand that prioritizes safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Helvetic Airways: Brand overview

Helvetic Airways, the renowned Swiss regional airline formerly known as Odette Airways, has carved a unique place in the aviation industry. Founded in 2001, the airline was driven by the idea of connecting Swiss cities with popular European vacation destinations. Since then, the airline has grown exponentially, establishing its headquarters in Kloten and locating its fleet at Zurich Airport, an international travel hub.

In 2003, realizing the need to create a global Swiss identity, the airline rebranded and became Helvetic Airways.

Helvetic Airways has experienced impressive growth and expansion, consistently modernizing its fleet with state-of-the-art aircraft. The addition of Embraer 190 and 190-E2 aircraft to the fleet has significantly improved the airline’s efficiency, passenger comfort, and environmental sustainability, making it a leader in regional air transportation.

Strategic partnerships with Swiss International Air Lines and Lufthansa have further enhanced Helvetic Airways’ capabilities.

Meaning and History

Helvetic Airways Logo History

What is Helvetic Airways?

Helvetic Airways, formerly Odette Airways, is a regional airline from Switzerland. It is headquartered in Kloten, and its fleet is based at Zurich Airport. The company is known for connecting Switzerland to various regional destinations in Europe.

The airline started its journey under the name Odette Airways. However, in 2003, as part of a strategic rebranding, the company was named Helvetic Airways. This change marked the company’s growth and transformation into a leading regional airline.

2003 – 2009

Helvetic Airways Logo 2003

2009 – today

Helvetic Airways Logo

The two-tiered lettering is in italic gray font that appears to extend to the right. A red square with rounded corners seems to magnetize the text, and in the center of the square is a white airplane flying to the right. Although the icon is small, it is highlighted with a bright color, indicating its high importance to the aviation company. The top line contains the large word “Helvetic” in bold type and consists of printed letters in geometric style. The second line is short, so it takes up only a third of the space. It is in small glyphs and is right-aligned.

The italic gray font used for the text complements the bright red square and gives the design a sense of forward motion, which corresponds to the aviation theme. The bold and geometric word “Helvetic” conveys solidity and reliability. The reduced second line, aligned on the right edge and in small glyphs, creates a sense of balance without distracting from the main design elements. The white plane in a red square emphasizes the company’s focus on aviation, which is especially evident in the contrast of colors.