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The red and white colors in the Swiss International Air Lines logo symbolize the values the company upholds, such as simplicity, elegance, reliability, and safety. The cross in the logo has its roots in Swiss history, where it is often associated with its coat of arms and cultural traditions. The SWISS emblem is an important element of the company’s branding, reflecting its uniqueness and style in the world of aviation.

Swiss International Air Lines: Brand overview

Founded:31 March 2002
Founder:Lufthansa Group
EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg, near Basel, Switzerland

Swiss International Air Lines is Switzerland’s leading airline, headquartered in Basel. It opened in 2002. The German Lufthansa Group owns it. The Swiss International Air Lines logo can be seen on 88 aircraft flying to 102 destinations.

The carrier was created to replace Swissair based on one of its subsidiaries with investor money. It was later merged with Lufthansa, Germany’s larger flagship airline, to maintain its scale of operation. The company employs about 7,400 people.

Meaning and History

Swiss International Air Lines Logo History

For decades, Swiss International Air Lines has used a red logo with a white cross to show its national identity. After all, the simple figure, which is usually associated with medicine, is the national symbol of Switzerland. The cross is included in the country’s official flag and is widely spread in its culture.

The cross on the SWISS logo symbolizes the link between Switzerland and the rest of the world. And the red color represents the brand’s core values: dynamism, innovation, and professionalism. In 2011, an emblem was created depicting a jagged trapeze, which is very similar to a part of an airplane’s tail fins. Since then, it has been the main marker of the air carrier.

What is Swiss International Air Lines?

The Swiss airline, part of the Star Alliance, with its main airport in Zurich. Main carrier in the country. SWISS flights link Switzerland with Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

2002 – 2011

Swiss International Air Lines Logo 2002

The airlines used two logos at once. Both have a red square background, like the canvas of a Swiss flag. In the first logo, the resemblance is reinforced by the white cross in the lower right corner. Complementing the design is a large abbreviation, SWISS, which stands for Swiss International Air Lines. The cross and the inscription counterbalance each other.

The white cross is a reference to Christian views. The cloth is like an inverted Templar flag (white background and red cross). In modern realities, the cross indicates neutrality and democracy. It echoes the white snow of the Swiss mountains.

The company name is written in full in the second version of the logo. It occupies the left upper part. At the same time, the lower half of the canvas remains free. At first glance, the disproportionate positioning indicates the company’s line of business. The inscription flies over the “ground” like an airplane.

2011 – today

Swiss International Air Lines Logo

In 2011, the company engaged in improving the brand’s visual image and service quality.

The new logo is still associated with the flag of the country. In the right part of the composition, there is a red figure, which corresponds in shape to the keel in the tail part of the airplane. The piece performs steering functions. Therefore, its placement at the head of the emblem shows that the company is ready for a steering and leading position. It will deliver passengers, steering the process with confidence.

On the keel is a white cross – showing belonging to Switzerland. Behind the figure is a large SWISS inscription in red capital letters. It appears to fly like a kite tail attached to the aircraft. The upper register of the inscription demonstrates reliability.

The composition closely resembles the Swissair logo, which the company was created to replace.

Font and Colors

Swiss International Air Lines Emblem

The Swiss International Air Lines logo shows the close connection between the company, its home country, and the airline industry. The emblem’s design shows innovation, progress, and modernity, the most important qualities for a company that wants to offer the highest level of customer service.

The main colors of the emblem are red and white. They are also the main ones on the state symbols of the country.

  • The red is the prototype of the ardent heart, love for flying, and speed. It shows the patriotic mood of the company.
  • White is the color of air, lightness, and height.

Swiss International Air Lines Symbol

The font of the inscription on the Zurich Black logo.

Swiss International Air Lines color codes

LustHex color:#e60005
RGB:230 0 5
CMYK:0 100 98 10
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C