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The Lufthansa logo soars into the sky like a bird. The carrier is ready to deliver passengers anywhere in the world quickly and easily. The emblem shows special protection and insurance in the air. All flights with the airline are completely safe.

Lufthansa: Brand overview

Founded:6 January 1953
Founder:Kurt Weigelt
Cologne, Germany
Lufthansa (more precisely – Deutsche Lufthansa AG) is the number 1 airline in Germany. It operates flights to 202 destinations and represents the top three European leaders in passengers’ numbers. Also, it has the largest aircraft fleet in the country – over 700 transport units. The year of its foundation is 1953. The headquarters are located in Cologne, the main control center is in Frankfurt, and the additional base is in Munich. The company is one of the five founders of the largest international organization, Star Alliance.

Meaning and History

Lufthansa Logo History

Although the air carrier officially appeared in 1953, the time of its entry into the aviation arena was delayed by two years, so in fact, it has been operating since 1955. Moreover, its name, which is based on the logo, is taken from another company, which ceased its activities eight years before Lufthansa’s emergence. The prototype name is Deutsche Luft Hansa. In both the first and second cases, the emphasis is on the German word for “air” and the name of the historical union Hanseatic League. The logo designer is Otto Firle. In general, the company currently has three personal identification marks.

What is Lufthansa?

It is a European aviation concern and one of the largest aviation enterprises in the world. Lufthansa is based in Germany and is one of the four founders of the Star Alliance.

1953 – 1963

Lufthansa Logo 1963-2018

The first logo depicts a bird typical of an air carrier because its activity becomes immediately clear when you look at the icon. The flying silhouette looks like several representatives of the feathered world at once – a stork, a crane, a heron, each of which is found in Europe. The bird has long legs, neck, and beak. Spreading wings are spread and laid back: this indicates that the bird is flying. Her subtle body is stretched into a string and directed upwards, personifying the aspiration to heaven. Below is the name of the company in large letters. All elements are located in a blue rectangle.

1963 – 2018

Lufthansa Logo 1953-1963

In 1963, the airline changed its logo style. The developers have circled the bird and placed it in the center of the circle. In doing so, they made the lines wide and visible. The in-flight icon is located to the left of the Lufthansa wordmark. The color of all elements has become a deep blue.

2018 – today

Lufthansa Logo 2018-present

The structure of the current version of the logo is an identical repetition of the previous one. The only difference is in the thinner lines and the darker blue color. The company changed the strokes’ width and length, making the letters narrower and more expressive, and removed the bottom serif from the “a.” The typeface creator is Hannes von Döhren, the author of the logo design is Ronald Wild.

Font and Colors

Lufthansa Emblem

All Lufthansa visual identity signs use the meaning of the German word for “air” in the name. For this, the developers used the image of a bird resembling a crane. It is he who has an elongated neck, long legs, and a narrow beak. The silhouette directed upward indicates the rise of the aircraft into the air. Moreover, the air carrier does not want to lose its usual image, therefore in every possible way, it avoids a radical change of the logo, correcting the existing version. Martin et Karczinski developed the latest version. For the successful redesign, the company logo was honored with four awards: in 2018 – the Reddot Award Winner, Corporate Design Priest, and German Brand Award; in 2019 – the German Design Award Winner.

The typeface used for the name of the airline is as similar as possible to Helvetica Black. It is a strict and sleek serif typeface with the same letters and nothing deviating from the standard. The color scheme is as laconic and monochrome as possible. It only includes a combination of white (background) and dark blue (icon, text). Previously also used deep yellow.

Lufthansa color codes

Maastricht BlueHex color:#0a1d3d
RGB:10 29 61
CMYK:84 52 0 76
Pantone:PMS 282 C

What is the Lufthansa logo?

The Lufthansa logo shows a Canadian crane in flight. On the right-hand side is the name of the airline, written in bold, sans serif type.

Why did Lufthansa change its logo?

The main Lufthansa symbol has not changed during the redesign, but the designers removed the yellow color and replaced it with dark blue. The new color scheme improved the visual image of the logo, and the font was adapted to the small displays of modern gadgets.

What does Lufthansa stand for?

The name Lufthansa is made up of two parts. The first half (‘Luft’) was taken from the German language and translated to ‘air.’ And ‘Hansa’ is translated from Latin as ‘guild.’ The term refers to the Hanseatic League.

Who is the owner of Lufthansa?

The parent organization of Lufthansa is the Lufthansa Group, which shareholders own. Almost 90% of the shares are in the hands of German citizens. The Federal Republic of Germany owns about 20% (as of July 2020).