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The strength of cognac will put anyone on the shoulder blades, evidenced by the elegant elements decorating the emblem. The Hennessy logo confirms the drink’s popularity since the time of kings. Such alcohol is worthy of the table of the most high-ranking persons.

Hennessy: Brand overview

Founder:Richard Hennessy
Cognac, France

Hennessy cognac has stood the test of time because its admirers were the monarchs: Louis XVI of France, George IV of Great Britain, and his wife Paul I of Russia. And in 1859, it became a representative of French culture in East Asia because the first shipment of the elite alcoholic beverage was sent to China. Its whole history, which dates back to 1765, is a way of moving towards prestige and popularity. The brandy house is now part of the Louis Vuitton-Moët Hennessy group, producing luxury goods.

Hennessy owes its origin to the Irishman Richard Hennessy, an officer of the Louis XV army. Wounded in action, the soldier was discharged. He tried to open his own liquor business but became successful only when he produced alcohol himself. The businessman settled in the town of Cognac, which had all the conditions for making cognac.

Meaning and History

Hennessy Logo History

before 2022

Hennessy Logo before 2022

Richard named the brand after himself, thereby immortalizing the Hennessy name in the history of ethanol-containing products. The family coat of arms was chosen as the logo, showing a raised hand with an ax clenched in its fist. This symbol is known as Bras Armé. It corresponds to the military theme because the Irish officer for 12 years served in the army, thanks to which he was able to obtain French citizenship.

However, it was not Richard who approved the emblem but his descendants. It happened in 1856 when the popular alcoholic drink needed a new label. Nine years later, stars, indicating aging, appeared on cognac bottles. Such classification was suggested by the representative of Hennessy’s fourth generation, and after some modifications, it began to be used all over the world. As for the logo, it also became world-famous. Despite attempts of artists to modernize the design, the concept of the symbol does not change.

Bras Armé reflects Richard’s military glory because his military service indirectly helped him settle in France and open a liquor business. The graphic Hennessy sign has graced labels since 1856. A hand, clothed in armor, holds a halberd, a weapon of Louis XV times. Beneath it, there is a figure inscription “Maison Fondée en,” which embodies French charm thanks to the fine calligraphic script. Even lower is the year of the company’s foundation: 1765. The four-digit number is surrounded on both sides by decorative ornaments.

The next line contains the word “Hennessy. It is the most noticeable because the letters are enlarged and highlighted in bold. The bottom part of the logo is occupied by the last inscription, which not only indicates the type of alcohol but also the place of production: “COGNAC.” In the form of a hand with a halberd, the iconic Hennessy emblem embodies the aristocratism, nobility, and ambition to win. And the text harmoniously complements the picture, making it even more expressive.

2022 – today

Hennessy Logo

Font and Colors

Hennessy Emblem

There are a lot of inscriptions on the logo of the cognac house, and each one has its design. The word combination “Maison Fondée en” is an example of refined French style. Its font imitates calligraphic handwriting with curls and a pronounced slant to the right. The name of the brand has a completely different design. It uses a bold typeface with thin triangular serifs and a contrasting transition of the main and connective strokes. A similar font was chosen for the word “COGNAC,” but the letters are not as bold in it. The simple black and white palette emphasize the nobility and aristocratism of the drink.

Hennessy Logo

Hennessy Symbol

Hennessy color codes

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