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Furniture fittings manufacturer always pays attention to detail. This is why the Hettich logo is thought-out in every detail: every element is in the right place – without upsetting the overall balance. Even the asymmetry is harmonious, which is important for the conceptual identity of the brand.

Hettich: Brand overview

Westphalia, Germany

Hettich is a well-known international company engaged in producing quality furniture fittings. A distinctive feature is the family character. The leadership has always been passed down through the family line, which has made the brand unique in its kind. The company’s geography includes Germany, where the central office is located, and many other countries. Hettich has established over 30 subsidiaries worldwide.

The visual component of the brand identity was formed based on core values. The owners of Hettich believe that they came to success through the use of 4 secrets of success, which are directly reflected in the logo. In addition, the expressive logo demonstrates firmness in decision-making, adherence to clear principles, and a guarantee of high quality. This philosophy is manifested in all components of the corporate icon.

Meaning and History

Hettich Logo History

Hettich is currently a leader in its segment. This is a global company that supplies products to dozens of countries. But the brand doesn’t stop there. The management constantly updates the assortment, introduces the latest technologies, and conducts numerous studies to improve products. Thanks to this, Hettich furniture fittings have deservedly become a model of quality and reliability.

The company’s unique features were taken as the basis for creating a brand name. Through it, the main message is transmitted to customers, the essence of which is reliability, the use of the latest developments, and the value of customer feedback. To correctly convey this information at the level of visual identity, the designers chose a minimalistic design, diluted with bright elements in the form of small stripes.

What is Hettich?

Hettich is the largest manufacturer of luxury furniture fittings. The main office is located in Germany (Westphalia), from where the main management is carried out. The structure of the company also includes 38 subsidiaries located in different countries. The range includes hinges, assembly equipment, runner and drawer systems, and elements of connecting fittings.

The roots of Hettich go back to 1888. This year, German entrepreneur Karl Hettich created a small company whose main product was a unique part for pendulum clocks. Later his business was continued by relatives. Hinges for small watch cases first supplemented the range of products, then by piano bands, and only in 1930 were the first furniture fittings produced.

Around that time, the current Hettich logo was formed. In one version, it is a black sign with outline letters and an addition of 4 multi-colored stripes. Another version provides the same filling but in different colors. The inscription here is painted in rich black, and the background has a traditional white color.

The first version is a more expressive and spectacular sign, which shows the original contrast of colors. And the second version is more basic in terms of brand design. But no matter which option is used, the message is always the same. Four parallel lines, which are located diagonally above the letter I, symbolize the four secrets of the company’s success.

The inscription itself has a separate semantic load, made in a strict direct font without serifs. He demonstrates integrity, professionalism, and a modern approach to production. Some letters have beveled cuts, which makes the logo more stylish and relevant. An original feature is also two interconnected letters tt. This symbolizes a single leadership, which in this case is passed down from generation to generation.

Font and Colors

Hettich Symbol

The harmonious Hettich emblem is quite catchy. The recognition effect is achieved using a non-trivial font in the Rotis Sans Serif ExtraBold style. This original format was published by Linotype and created by renowned graphic designer Otl Aicher. The font he designed is notable for the lack of serifs and unusual letters’ curves. They can be seen in the signs e, c, and h.

Thanks to unusual shapes, they make the inscription expressive and recognizable. In addition, this style shows stamina, pedantry, and attention to detail. Perfectly matched colors complement the characteristic visual concept. It includes the use of classic black and white colors combined with four vibrant colors.

The latter is used to design four stripes. There are red, green, blue and yellow colors. They reflect the main principles of Hettich’s activities – constant dialogue with customers, the importance of high quality, reliability, and a positive attitude towards innovation. Bright colors are organically inscribed in the overall concept, which makes it complete and stylish.

Hettich color codes

Medium Electric BlueHex color:#00569d
RGB:0 86 157
CMYK:100 45 0 38
Pantone:PMS 2945 C
Shamrock GreenHex color:#00965f
RGB:0 150 95
CMYK:100 0 37 41
Pantone:PMS 3405 C
Selective yellowHex color:#fab900
RGB:250 185 0
CMYK:0 26 100 2
Pantone:PMS 7549 C
Maximum RedHex color:#e20614
RGB:226 6 20
CMYK:0 97 91 11
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Eerie BlackHex color:#1c1c1b
RGB:28 28 27
CMYK:0 0 4 89
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C