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The construction equipment manufacturer has an emblem that looks like it is assembled from individual blocks. This distinguishes the Hilti logo from that of other companies. It stands for reliability, sturdiness, power, and well-balanced stability.

Hilti: Brand overview

Founder:Martin and Eugen Hilti
Schaan, Liechtenstein
Hilti is a Liechtenstein company founded in 1941. It specializes in manufacturing and selling products for the construction, energy, building management, and manufacturing industries. The target audience of the brand is professionals, not ordinary buyers. Hilti’s production is based on anchoring and installation systems and various measuring instruments. The company has branches in many countries around the world. In total, more than 30 thousand specialists work in it. Hilti is headquartered in Schaan, Liechtenstein.

Meaning and History

Hilti Symbol

The visual recognition of the Hilti brand is at a high level, as the logo has remained virtually unchanged throughout the company’s history. The logo is based on a verbal inscription located inside a red rectangle. Sometimes, the company uses an alternative version, where red letters are already written on a white background. The chosen color palette contrasts well with each other so that the brand emblem will look harmoniously on any surface.

However, the feature of the logo is not the gamut of colors but a unique font for the brand name. Wide and powerful letters look stern and powerful, immediately attracting the attention of potential customers. They are wide enough, and the problems between characters are minimal. Thus, through capital characters with confident lines, the company tries to convey the reliability that it guarantees to the buyer.

What is Hilti?

It is one of the largest companies in Liechtenstein, with more than 80 years of experience producing goods in the construction and energy sectors. The brand is focused on the international market, as evidenced by enterprises in India, North America, and the Nordic countries

A unique, bold sans-serif typeface with a distinctive writing style is what sets Hilti apart from the competition. Also, you can note the unique arrangement of the letters “L” and “T.” The horizontal line in the “T” is above the bottom horizontal line in the “L.” Therefore, one can see the association with the structural elements of the building.

The presented logo has been used for several decades. It was used for the first time on one of the first Hilti TE 17 electro-pneumatic rotary hammers. In addition, an icon is sometimes used, where the white letter “H” is inside a red frame. At the same time, the writing style of this symbol is identical to the main logo.

Font and Colors

Hilti Emblem

The Hilti company name uses a unique modern bold sans-serif font. Its feature is the style of writing letters. These are capital characters with wide lines and minimal space between letters. Despite the unusual spelling, the verbal inscription is easy to read, allowing the brand to stand out from the competition.

The company chose a white and red color palette. These colors look harmonious and successfully contrast with each other. In general, the logo is presented in two variations. It can be a white inscription on a red background, or vice versa, red letters on a white background. It is this combination that Hilti’s regular customers are accustomed to; therefore, the company is unlikely to change the range of colors shortly. Moreover, for many, red is associated with love and passion, additionally motivating to buy.

Hilti color codes

LavaHex color:#d2051e
RGB:210 5 30
CMYK:0 98 86 18
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C