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The Hilton logo is a model of self-sufficiency and satisfaction of all customer needs. Each visitor will receive everything and even more. Impeccable service, cleanliness, and order are enclosed within the frame of the emblem.

Hilton: Brand overview

Founded:May 31, 1919
Founder:Conrad Nicholson Hilton
McLean, Virginia, U.S.
Hilton is an internationally renowned full-service hotel, restaurant, resort brand, and American multinational franchise company. This includes Hilton Worldwide and its Hilton Hotels & Resorts chain. The brand was founded by Conrad Hilton, who founded it in May 1919. Now its headquarters are located in Tysons Corner, Virginia (USA). In total, the system covers about 600 hotels. According to Fortune, it is one of the top 100 companies in the world.

Meaning and History

Hilton Logo History

The corporate logo has been constantly modified, as has the hotel chain it represents. In the end, the two structures split, each with a custom logo. In total, there are seven options for personal identification.

What is Hilton?

It is an international hotel chain that includes over 5,100 hotels and resorts located in 103 countries worldwide. It has existed since 1919 and is owned by Hilton Worldwide. It is headquartered in McLean, Virginia.

1948 – 1967

Hilton Hotels & Resorts Logo 1948-1967

The emblem with a black rectangle located horizontally belongs to this time. It contains a shield-shaped heraldic sign that resembles a heart surrounded by ornaments. Two cursive inscriptions are visible to the right and the left of it: “Hilton” and “Hotels.” The words are written in a coherent handwritten script in the Old English style – with ornate curves and thin, graceful lines. A curly ribbon flutters at the bottom of the golden shield.

1967 – 1978

Hilton Hotels & Resorts Logo 1967-1978

In 1967, the company switched to a discreet logo presented in a strict form. After the redesign, the hotel chain has a concise version based on the capital “H.” The authors stylized them by proposing an original solution in the form of one large letter with thickened legs, which have elongated upper and lower parts. It looks like two arches, turned on its side and connected in the middle by a thin crossbar.

1978 – 1998

Hilton Hotels & Resorts Logo 1978-1998

Over time, the central bridge was removed to make the sign more stylish and original. The result of this process is reflected in the laconic logo consisting of only two elements. The designers left the color, size, and shape the same.

1998 – 2010

Hilton Hotels & Resorts Logo 1998-2010

At the end of this period (in 2009), there was a separation of professional interests and the status of the two structures of the same name. One of the brands was renamed Hilton Hotels & Resorts, while the other remained with the former Hilton Worldwide. At this time, the predominant logo was made in the form of a single letter “H” with a twisted thin spiral and bold “Hilton” inscription at the bottom. The letters are elongated, with large serifs.

2010 – today

Hilton Hotels & Resorts Logo 2010-present

A version with minimal changes is currently in use. The authors strengthened the blue color, slightly rounded the letters near the “Hilton” caption, reduced the serifs, and added the phrase “Hotels & Resorts” at the bottom.

2009 – 2016

Hilton Worldwide Logo 2009-2016

After the section, the second brand that owns the franchise received the original 1978 logo in an updated version. The developers turned the arched elements over at an angle of 90 degrees. An interesting interpretation has come out with thin stiletto legs, which at the same time resembles a gate and a crown. The upper part is painted silver; the lower part is gold. On the right side, there is a two-line “Hilton Worldwide” lettering. It is done in a sleek, chopped typeface.

2016 – today

Hilton Worldwide Logo 2016-present

Following the visual simplification concept, the company owners approved a radically different option: the name in the frame. The logo looks very laconic and has similarities with its version of the same name – they have the same serif letters.

Font and Colors

Hilton Emblem

Despite the recent bifurcation, logos share a common history and external similarities. The updated icon was created with the participation of a contract graphic design studio. She was in charge of the font. Moreover, the redesigned emblem is intended for hotels that opened after 2010. The rest can use the previous version. A thin curl surrounds the letter “H” in the logo, and the curled line completely replaces the central bar. Also, the phrase “Hotels & Resorts” has been added in the upper case.

Two types of typefaces are used in the emblem. The first is the Whitney SemiBold, a sans serif designed by Tobias Frere-Jones. The second is reminiscent of the Walbaum BQ Medium from the type designer Günter Gerhard Lange. Their feature is the wide “H.” The letters in the inscription are located freely, at a distance from each other.

Hilton Symbol

A color scheme is extremely important for a hotel chain because it must be practical, austere, trusting, and attractive at the same time. The owners experimented with various combinations: black, white, blue, dark blue, golden, gray, they combined with a dark, then with a light background.

Hilton color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What does the Hilton logo mean?

The Hilton logo stands for the name of the hotel chain. Therefore, the emblem contains the corresponding inscription, made in a strict geometric serif font. There is also a sign of two vertical rectangles in an oval ring with a curl.

What hotel brands does Hilton own?

Hilton owns 17 hotel brands: Waldorf Astoria, Hilton Garden Inn, Canopy, LXR, Homewood Suites, Embassy, Curio Collection, MOTTO, Tapestry, Hampton, Signia, Conrad, DoubleTre, Home2, Grand Vacations, Tru, Hilton Hotels & Resorts.

Is Hampton Inn part of Hilton?

Yes, the Hampton Inn is part of the Hilton International System. It is now her largest long-term residential facility.

Is Hilton considered luxury?

The Hilton chain has all kinds of hotels, from simple, traveler-oriented to luxury-focused hotels. These include the Conrad and Waldorf Astoria hotels.