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Hongqi: Brand overview

Created in 1959 by the First Chinese Automobile Works (FAW), the Hongqi brand, which translates to “red flag,” has become an automotive emblem of the prestige of the Chinese state. It was conceived primarily to serve the elite echelons of the Chinese government and other dignitaries of the state. The first cars, including the famous Hongqi CA770, drew design and construction from Soviet luxury cars, thus epitomizing the communist ideals of China’s leadership at the time.

In 1981, a break in production came, marking a shift: the Chinese government decided to phase out the production of specialized limousines. Fewer than 200 Hongqi vehicles were produced in the first phase. In the 1990s, the brand experienced a renaissance: FAW breathed new life into Hongqi to cater to the growing Chinese luxury car market. The company introduced modern flagship sedans to redefine the concept of luxury in Chinese cars.

In the 2000s-2010s, the brand sought to increase its market position to compete with luxury stars such as Mercedes-Benz. This period saw the introduction of many updated models, each of which sought to embody the essence of luxury. More recently, the brand has diversified its lineup to include sedans, SUVs, electric cars, and even high-end sports cars aimed at affluent Chinese consumers.

Although Hongqi remains a state-owned company, its current strategy aims to create an image of a modern and luxurious brand, yet deeply rooted in its heritage as a symbol of exclusive state use.

Meaning and History

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The Hongqi logo is divided into many fragments. Even the letters are made up of separate parts, making the company name seem illegible. Above the text, four parallelograms with rounded edges are arranged in the shape of an abstract flower. The black color corresponds to the minimalist style of the emblem.

The fragmentary design of the letters gives the emblem a complex look. The arrangement of parallelograms in the shape of an abstract flower means the innovation or creativity of the brand. The use of black as the main color for the emblem is in keeping with the minimalist aesthetic that denotes luxury and sophistication.