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The Horch logo combines the most sought-after car features and qualities, like an Olympic tandem. By joining forces with popular automakers, the company has reached the top. The emblem shows that the brand has earned a crown as one of the most renowned in Germany.

Horch: Brand overview

Established in 1899 in Cologne, Germany, by the visionary August Horch, the Horch automotive company marked its place as one of Germany’s foundational automobile ventures. With the advent of their inaugural automobile in 1901, Horch quickly garnered attention for their forward-thinking features, incorporating advancements like all-wheel brakes and overhead camshafts.

By 1909, a twist of fate saw August Horch departing from the very company he founded. Determined, he established another automotive brand, christening it Audi, a nod to the Latin translation of his surname, which in German equates to the verb “listen.”

The wheel of the automotive industry continued turning, and 1932 witnessed Horch, alongside Audi, DKW, and Wanderer, amalgamating their strengths to conceive the Auto Union—this conglomerate of four eminent German auto magnates operated under a single corporate umbrella. The 1930s saw this union rising to fame on racing tracks, courtesy of their iconic Silver Arrow race cars. The aftermath of the Second World War caused the company to resume its automotive production in West Germany.

The sands of time brought about another change in 1964, with Volkswagen taking a 50% share in Auto Union. This acquisition reached completion in 1969, culminating in a merger with NSU Motorenwerke. This union birthed Audi NSU Auto Union, which, over time, streamlined its identity to the now globally recognized Audi AG.

Yet Horch’s legacy hasn’t faded. Audi has periodically paid homage to its roots, as seen with specific model trims like the 2021’s China-exclusive Horch version of the A8 luxury sedan. Reflecting on its journey, Horch emerges as an instrumental architect in creating the contemporary Audi entity.

Meaning and History

Horch Logo History

What is Horch?

The esteemed car brand, Horch, was the brainchild of automotive trailblazer August Horch in 1899. After his tenure with Carl Benz, Horch embarked on a journey to start his enterprise, originally headquartered in Cologne. In a transformative move in 1904, the company transitioned to Zwickau, making history as the first automotive firm to offer shares to the public, a significant milestone in the car industry’s timeline. Respected and admired worldwide, Horch continues to uphold its founder’s legacy, catering to the refined tastes of discerning motorists with their luxury and high-end vehicles. Nestled in the heartland of Saxony, Germany, Horch has dedicated over a century to manufacturing superior vehicles.

1899 – 1932

Horch Logo 1899

The first emblem of the Horch company featured a silver letter H crowned with a crown. The brand name Horch, written with varying letter heights, formed the crown’s points, adding dynamism and uniqueness to the logo. The brand name came from the founder, August Horch, and the letter H was the brand’s first letter.

Horch laid the foundation for a future automotive empire. The letter H symbolizes the brand name and the company’s position among automotive giants. The crown emphasized the founder’s ambitions and drive for leadership in the industry.

The silver-crowned logo is immediately associated with elite cars, highlighting the prestige and high quality of the company’s products. Placing the name at the top of the crown reflected the entrepreneur’s confidence and ambition to reach the pinnacle of success in the automotive industry.

1932 – 1940

Auto Union Logo

The 1932 emblem symbolizes Auto Union’s birth and consists of four intertwined rings. Inside each ring is the emblem of one of August Horch’s companies.

  • Audi: The company’s symbol was a triangle standing on its apex. This figure demonstrated balance and the absence of equal competitors, as no one could climb its steep slopes. At the flat top, it stood the number 1 in the form of a championship trophy, further emphasizing the idea of leadership. The brand’s name was placed inside the triangle.
  • DKW: The emblem featured a shield with a triangle standing on its apex inside. This design highlighted the safety and reliability of the company’s cars and motorcycles. The drawing showed excellent balance and equilibrium, crucial for two-wheelers. The brand name stood for Dampf Kraft Wagen.
  • Horch: Retained the crowned “H” in its identity.
  • Wanderer: The brand’s logo was an iron “W” with wings, emphasizing the speed and power of the vehicles.

The emblem shows that each company maintains independence and produces cars under its brand. All the manufacturers work cohesively and support each other with parts and standards.