HTC Logo


The HTC logo is an example of technical excellence and friendliness to the user and the environment. Simplicity and impeccable work of products are conveyed in rounded letters with smoothed corners. The emblem reflects the desire for minimalism and harmony.

HTC: Brand overview

Founded:15 May 1997
Xindian, New Taipei, Taiwan
HTC is a Taiwanese corporation that manufactures mobile devices running on Windows Phone, Android, and Windows Mobile platforms. It has been present in the specialized market since 1997. It occupies a leading position in the electronics industry and owns four subsidiary brands.

Meaning and History

HTC Logo History

Until 2008, HTC was named High Tech Computer Corporation. However, her tablets and smartphones were already adorned with a label that said, “HTC.” The company changed its logo style several times. In the original version (from 1997), there was an inverted checkmark behind the inscription, consisting of two pointed lines. In 2006, a phone was drawn to the left of HTC with two triangle-arrows pointing to the right.

What is HTC?

HTC stands for High Tech Computer Corporation, a Taiwanese company that manufactures electronic devices. It specializes in the design and production of portable devices, particularly smartphones, and laptops. The brand was established in 1997, with its center in New Taipei.

1997 – 2006

HTC Logo 1997-2006

At first, the word “HTC” was used as an abbreviation for the full version of the name. From 1997 to 2006, the characters were uppercase, as required by the rules for writing abbreviations. There was also an additional symbol for the brand. An upward-pointing arrow that gave the logo a touch of originality and seemed to indicate that HTC is a high-tech brand

2006 – 2008

HTC Logo 2006-2008

In 2006, the letter “H” became lowercase, but its size has not changed. This made the uppercase “T” and “C” look smaller than the lowercase “h.” The main products were mobile phones. Therefore, next to the brand’s inscription, a mobile phone icon appeared with arrows indicating an incoming and outgoing call, while made in different colors.

2008 – today

HTC Logo 2008-present

The same non-standard proportions of the lettering remained after the rebranding and logo change in 2008.

In 2008, the designers removed all decorative images. The only thing left is the brand name with a minimalistic design. Over time, the label evolved: under the letters appeared the corporate motto “quietly brilliant.” This is how the trademark became a confirmation of the brand’s identity. He is now one of the most recognizable and popular in the digital arena.

Font and Colors

HTC Emblem

The developers of the logo played on the palette. In 1997, the name HTC was red; after 2006, it was blue, and two years later, it was green. Also, there are many versions with white and gray lettering. The background also changed several times. Most often, it is white; less often, it is black or green.

These colors were not chosen by chance. As conceived by the designers, black symbolizes the superiority and dominance of the company. Green, according to the concept, means green production, fresh ideas, and industrial growth.

The HTC font is simple, without decorative elements or serifs. All letters are the same size, although they are written in a different case. Only the protruding stick of the lowercase “h” is higher than the uppercase “T” and “C.”

The famous motto “quietly brilliant” has its original style. It is executed in a sloppy handwritten script, with each letter separately. The stitching is horizontal and straight.

HTC color codes

Dollar BillHex color:#8cc751
RGB:140 199 81
CMYK:30 0 59 22
Pantone:PMS 7488 C