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ICML Motors logo features a design element resembling the Eiffel Tower. Yet, it’s essential to note that the brand is an Indian SUV manufacturer unrelated to Paris or France. The emblem showcases an oval-shaped bronze-colored insignia. Interestingly, the lower part of the oval remains open, its ends meeting a spire-like figure capped with a sphere. A gradient effect gives the emblem a voluminous appearance.

Bronze, the dominant color in the emblem, conveys durability and a deep-rooted history. It is a color often associated with longevity and strength, qualities that align well with the character of an SUV manufacturer. The gradient effect augments this by adding depth and dimension, highlighting the intricate detailing that goes into each automobile the company produces, including ICML Motors.

The Eiffel Tower-like spire is an intriguing choice for an Indian company. Although unrelated to France, the spire can signify a connection to global landmarks or universally recognized engineering and architectural prowess symbols. The figure capped with a sphere adds to this universal appeal, hinting at a worldview or global aspirations for the brand.

The open-ended oval design offers its own set of interpretations. Ovals are often considered symbols of perfection and unity. However, the open ends disrupt this completeness, meeting the spire instead. This disruption serves a dual role. Firstly, it catches the eye, drawing attention to the spire. Secondly, it creates a sense of directionality, inviting viewers to explore the brand further, literally and metaphorically.

Even though the oval does not fully enclose the spire, it effectively frames it, focusing on the central design element. This framing technique nods to the design precision and attention to detail in each vehicle produced.

The logo amalgamates various elements—bronze coloring, gradient effects, a global icon, and geometric shapes—to create a composite image that speaks volumes about the brand. It conveys strength, a sense of history, and a touch of international flair. Each component communicates qualities that customers would find desirable in an SUV—durability, attention to detail, and a rugged yet refined aesthetic. Through this amalgamation, the logo represents a grounded yet aspirational, traditional yet forward-looking brand.

ICML Motors: Brand overview

Founded: 2003
Founder: Sonalika Group
Delhi, India
Emerging in 2007 as a part of the Sonalika Group, ICML Motors was a fledgling auto manufacturer headquartered in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. The company ventured into the market with the launch of ICML Rhino in 2009, which was essentially a rebranded model of Russia’s UAZ Hunter SUV. A few years later, in 2012, the company rolled out the Extreme, another SUV inspired by China’s Landwind X6.

ICML aimed these vehicles at India’s rural and semi-urban customer base. However, despite its aspirations, the company found it challenging to carve a niche for itself, facing low sales numbers for both models. By 2014, the Rhino had been pulled from the market, and the Extreme followed suit around 2016.

With the phasing out of these models, ICML shifted its focus to what the Sonalika Group originally specialized in—tractors. As of 2022, ICML had seemingly ceased its automotive operations after a relatively short six-year run, no longer featuring any vehicles in its lineup.

ICML Motors had grand plans to bring budget-friendly SUVs to the Indian market but struggled to keep pace with more established brands, leading to the quick dissolution of their automotive division.

Meaning and History

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