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The manufacturer of children’s products uses an abstract symbol that looks as soft as clouds or a featherbed. In addition, the Imaginarium logo is associated with a rich imagination, a fairy tale, creativity, and games – that make childhood happy.

Imaginarium: Brand overview

Zaragoza, Spain
Imaginarium is a Spanish company specializing in producing and selling children’s toys. It was founded in 1992, and today the brand’s products are available in 30 countries worldwide. In general, the variety of products is not limited to developing toys. Also, buyers have the opportunity to purchase children’s furniture, as well as various items for child care.

Meaning and History

Imaginarium Logo History

Visual brand awareness is high among young parents who wish to purchase baby products. During the entire existence of the company, two versions of the logo were presented. Both are made in light and friendly colors, adding interest to buyers.

What is Imaginarium?

This is one of the most famous brands of children’s products, popular far beyond Spain’s borders.


Imaginarium Old Logo

The original version of the logo consisted of a word inscription and an emblem located on the left. It is also used as an icon for the company’s official website and is a central element for the interior of the chain’s stores. Visually, the emblem looks like two arcs connected to each other. The left arch is much larger than the right one, but in sum, they associate with the letter “M.” When used as an icon, it is displayed in black on a white background. At the same time, as a logo, it, like the brand name, is colored blue. Interestingly, the dimensions of these “arches” have a symbolic meaning. After all, the chain stores use two arched doors; where one is smaller and is intended for children.

The brand name uses a traditional serif font. A feature of the inscription is that all the letters are located extremely close to each other, but at the same time, they do not connect with each other. Thus, the logo looks confident and solid, thereby evoking a sense of professionalism and experience in potential buyers. The brand name is usually depicted on a blue background and written in white. At the same time, in some cases, a blue outline is also used.


Imaginarium New Logo

The only redesign so far has resulted in the font changing to a more modern and playful one. Friendly tones are created through smooth and playful lines and curved tails in letters. The blue color and rounded corners in the letters only add childish motives to the logo. Just like the original version, the wording is used in combination with the emblem, which in turn can be used independently as a design for Imaginarium stores. Light tones of the logo are added by the fact that all lowercase letters look cute and gentle.

Font and Colors

Imaginarium Emblem

Both options use light and friendly fonts. However, the inscription has become more modern and progressive after updating the logo. Parents immediately associate thin lines in letters with rounded corners with children’s products, and therefore the brand’s products become more preferable for them.

Imaginarium Symbol

Initially, the decision was made to use a blue and white color palette. However, the color scheme was changed to blue and white due to a single redesign. Thus, the logo has become even easier and more intuitive for the target audience. Moreover, monotony allows you to place the name on absolutely any surface.

Imaginarium color codes

BlueHex color:#10a3b4
RGB:16 163 180
CMYK:91 9 0 29
Pantone:PMS 7466 C