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The Isdera logo conveys a sense of speed, status, and wisdom. The emblem highlights the cars’ stylish and memorable designs and their readiness to respond quickly to market challenges. The bird in the logo emphasizes freedom and the flight of imagination.

Isdera: Brand overview

Isdera was born in 1982 in Leonberg, West Germany, thanks to the idea of automotive engineer Eberhard Schulz. The brand’s unique name reflects its essence: “An engineering company for styling, design and racing.” Throughout the 1980s, Isdera was renowned for presenting bold prototypes and concept cars, most notably at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

In the early 90s, the company began limited production by introducing the Isdera Commendatore 112i, marking its debut in road car production. This model was incredibly exclusive, with only a handful of examples coming off the assembly line in four years. In 1993, the company made the automotive world talk about itself by releasing the Isdera Imperator 108i model, which amazed everyone with its ability to exceed the speed of 300 km/h. In the following years, about ten such remarkable cars were produced.

In the new millennium, Isdera continued to work on creating promising cars by introducing concept cars such as the 2002 Autobahnkurier and the 2006 Spyder 033, which, however, were never put into production. After a lull in new model launches, the company re-emerged in 2016 with the Spyder 116i, its first new model in over a decade.

Today, Isdera remains a boutique manufacturer specializing in custom supercars. Fewer than 100 cars are believed to have been produced in the company’s entire existence, and each one is a rare example of German engineering and artisanal quality.

Meaning and History

Isdera Logo History

1969 – today

Isdera Logo

To stand out in a competitive market, Isdera created a unique logo. It features a bird of prey with outstretched wings and talons, appearing ready to land or catch prey. This black silhouette sits against a blue rectangle. Below the bird, the company name is written in a fragmented font, separated by interrupted horizontal lines.

The bird symbolizes freedom, power, and a drive to achieve goals. This fits well with the automotive industry. The fragmented font adds an artistic touch, showing innovation and a break from tradition. The blue background conveys trust and reliability.

The bird’s dynamic posture highlights Isdera’s focus on performance and precision. The outstretched wings and talons suggest agility and readiness, traits important for a high-performance car brand. The black silhouette contrasts sharply with the blue background, making the logo striking.

The interrupted horizontal lines add a sense of motion and fluidity, enhancing the logo’s dynamic feel. This makes the logo more memorable and impactful.

The Isdera logo communicates freedom and power with its powerful bird of prey, fragmented font, and blue background.