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The ITA Airways logo consists of geometrically precise elements associated with movement. Elongated shapes and smoothed corners symbolize high speed, an important characteristic for Italy’s national air carrier because punctuality depends on speed. This logo is a model of seriousness and patriotism, demonstrating the company’s dedication to the country and its desire to become integral, successfully representing Italian aviation services globally. The emblem aligns with the brand’s concept and emphasizes its readiness to meet travelers.

ITA Airways: Brand overview

ITA Airways is the newest division of the Italia Trasporto Aereo SpA aviation company, which is the state’s property. It was officially registered in 2021 and included in the SkyTeam international professional alliance. The carrier operates over 40 domestic and international flights but intends to expand them shortly. Its head office is located in the Lazio region—in the capital of Italy, Roma.

In the vibrant skies of Italy, a new airline emerges as a beacon, inheriting the legacy of Alitalia while forging its unique path. Officially founded on November 11, 2020, this brand swiftly stepped into the role of Italy’s national carrier, bearing the torch of a storied aviation history.

The company’s inception occurred amidst Alitalia’s financial turmoil. In October 2020, the Italian government sanctioned the creation of a new national airline to succeed Alitalia. By November, Italia Trasporto Aereo S.p.A. (ITA), fully owned by Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance, was formally registered.

The initial months of 2021 were spent navigating intricate negotiations with the European Commission, ensuring the airline’s operations complied with EU state aid regulations. By mid-July, the brand received the Commission’s approval, setting the stage for its official launch.

A pivotal moment arrived in August 2021 when the company acquired the “Alitalia” brand for 90 million euros. This strategic acquisition allowed the new brand to retain the iconic logo and trademark, preserving a symbol deeply rooted in Italian aviation history.

On October 15, 2021, the company began its journey, officially taking over as the national flag carrier from Alitalia. The airline started with a fleet of 52 aircraft inherited from its predecessor, with ambitious plans to expand and modernize this fleet to 105 aircraft by 2025.

The company launched operations with 44 destinations and 59 routes, aiming to grow this network to 74 destinations and 89 routes within four years. On October 29, 2021, the brand joined the SkyTeam alliance, continuing the partnership legacy that Alitalia had established.

In November 2021, the company ordered 28 new Airbus aircraft, including the A220, A320neo, and A330neo models, as part of its modernization efforts. The following year, 2022, saw the brand expanding its reach with new routes to North America and Asia.

Meaning and History

ITA Airways Logo History

In 2020, after numerous negotiations, the Italian government bought Airways (formerly Alitalia) to provide financial support and protect it from bankruptcy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, the company became part of Italia Trasporto Aereo SpA. Before the start of flights (in 2021), it was reorganized into ITA Airways and became an independent brand. Although the former name, Alitalia, is not used now, it may be used in the future, as the owner has secured the right to it.

The new carrier’s aircraft livery received a different color scheme. The fuselage is now painted blue; the wings are white. The Italian tricolor is depicted at the end of the tail section. On the outer side of the board, there is also a corporate logo, in which a fragment of the letter “A” is made in red.

What is ITA Airways?

ITA Airways is a new airline from Italy, part of Italia Trasporto Aereo SpA. It was founded in 2020 and made its first flight in 2021. Its flight network covers more than 40 destinations both within the country and abroad. The headquarters is located in Roma.

2020 – 2021

ITA Airways Logo 2020

Italian expressiveness, uniqueness, and cultural richness are well conveyed in the ITA Airways logo. These qualities manifest in several distinctive features of its visual identity, making it special and attractive to clients. Among the unique characteristics of the emblem, the following stand out:

  • The monolithic design indicates that the company is a serious competitor in the aviation industry and guarantees traveler safety on all routes.
  • A strict form reflects the airline’s punctuality, restraint, attention to detail, care, and protection of passengers from troubles, ensuring a comfortable flight experience.
  • Harmony, achieved through the combination of grotesque and serif fonts, shows a balanced approach to work and impeccable taste, ensuring that passengers enjoy eveEverythingom flyer designs to in-flight service.
  • Patriotism is evident in the last uppercase glyph in the top line, where the letter “A” is divided into three sections painted in the colors of the Italian flag—green, white, and red.

The logo resembles a rectangle, at least in the proportions of the monolithic letters in the abbreviation. The glyphs are tall, bold, smooth, and even represent the airline’s loyalty, customer orientation, and willingness to listen to passengers’ wishes. This signifies safety and the absence of obstacles to achieving success.

The ITA Airways emblem has a clear national color scheme. It includes all the colors of the Italian flag, concentrated in the “A”: the top is green, the legs are red, and the crossbar is white. This focuses attention on the abbreviation derived from “Italia Trasporto Aereo.” The full name, placed below, fades into the background due to its gray color, overshadowed by the bright element above.

2021 – today

ITA Airways Logo

This aviation company’s logo features the ” ITA ” abbreviation for “Italia Trasporto Aereo.” The letters are large, with points and roundings that evoke parts of an aircraft, such as the tail, wings, and fuselage. They are easy to read, and the crossbar of the “A” is vertical and red to draw attention.

Below “ITA,” the word “Airways” appears in smaller capital letters with pointed ends, giving it a unique look. Each letter has sharp points, even the “S.”

The design of “ITA” reflects the components of an aircraft, reinforcing the airline’s identity and purpose. The large size and unique shaping create a strong visual impact. The red vertical crossbar in the “A” adds a vibrant touch.

The word “Airways” balances the composition in smaller print, making the brand name prominent and recognizable. The spiked ends on the letters add modernity and sophistication, aligning with the company’s image of innovation and excellence.

Font and Colors

ITA Airways Emblem

For the logo, the designers chose two typefaces: individual and classic. The custom-made one is formed from the main parts of the aircraft, so it follows the shape of the wings, fuselage, and tail. A traditional grotesque typeface resembles Hurme Geometric Sans 2 SemiBold by Hurme Design. The difference between them is only in the absence of points at the ends of the “S.” Everything else they have is identical.

ITA Airways Symbol

The logo’s color scheme reflects Italy’s national flag. Therefore, it is dominated by green (both inscriptions), red (the crossbar of the letter “A”), and white (the background on which the elements are located).