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The ITA Airways logo consists of geometrically precise elements associated with movement. Elongated shapes and smoothed corners symbolize high speed. This characteristic is very important for the national air carrier of Italy because punctuality depends on speed.

ITA Airways: Brand overview

Founded:11 November 2020
Rome, Lazio, Italy

ITA Airways is the newest division of the Italia Trasporto Aereo SpA aviation company, which is the state’s property. It was officially registered in 2021 and included in the SkyTeam international professional alliance. The carrier operates flights on more than 40 domestic and international routes but intends to expand them significantly shortly. Its head office is located in the Lazio region – in the capital of Italy, in the city of Roma.

This company is a continuation of the flagship aviation organization Alitalia, which has been operating since 1946. Until 2009, it was also stated property but was transferred to the status of a private company. This happened after its merger with the bankrupt airline Air One. As a result of the reorganization in 2015, the new structure received an investment package from Etihad Airways but failed to become profitable. Therefore, the investor stopped supporting it and put it up for sale in 2017.

Meaning and History

ITA Airways Logo History

In 2020, after numerous negotiations, Airways (formerly Alitalia) was bought by the Italian government to provide financial support and protect it from bankruptcy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Then the company became part of Italia Trasporto Aereo SpA. Before the start of flights (in 2021), it was reorganized into ITA Airways and became an independent brand. Although the former name Alitalia is not used now, it may be used in the future, as the owner has secured the right to it.

The new carrier’s aircraft livery received a different color scheme. The fuselage is now painted blue; the wings are white. The Italian tricolor is depicted at the end of the tail section. On the outer side of the board, there is also a corporate logo, in which a fragment of the letter “A” is made in red.

What is ITA Airways?

ITA Airways is a new airline from Italy, part of Italia Trasporto Aereo SpA. It was founded in 2020 and made its first flight in 2021. Its flight network covers more than 40 destinations both within the country and abroad. The headquarters is located in Roma.

2020 – 2021

ITA Airways Logo 2020

2021 – today

ITA Airways Logo

Although the logo of this aviation company is textual, the graphic element is disguised among the printed characters. In particular, we are talking about the abbreviation “ITA,” which is nothing more than an abbreviation for the name of the main carrier – “Italia Trasporto Aereo,” which owns the brand. The glyphs are very large, with points and roundings reminiscent of the aircraft’s main parts: the upper tail, wings, and fuselage. These elements are arranged in such a way that they make up well-read letters. But the crossbar at “A” is placed vertically and to the side, and not horizontally and in the middle. In addition, it is colored red.

Below is the final part of the name included in the logo. Unlike the top line, the second row is in small print. The word “Airways” consists of capital letters with spiked ends. Such points are present in every letter, including the traditionally smooth “S.”

Font and Colors

ITA Airways Emblem

For the logo, the designers chose two types of typefaces: one is individual, and the other is classic. The custom-made one is formed from the main parts of the aircraft, so it clearly follows the shape of the wings, fuselage, and tail. A traditional grotesque typeface is similar to Hurme Geometric Sans 2 SemiBold by Hurme Design. The difference between them is only in the absence of points at the ends of the “S.” Everything else they have is identical.

ITA Airways Symbol

In terms of color, the logo reflects the national flag of Italy. Therefore, it is dominated by green (both inscriptions), red (the crossbar of the letter “A”), and white (the background on which the elements are located).

ITA Airways color codes

Cadmium GreenHex color:#01683d
RGB:1 104 61
CMYK:99 0 41 59
Pantone:PMS 7726 C
Venetian RedHex color:#Venetian Red
RGB:227 212 173
CMYK:0 4 20 7
Pantone:PMS 485 C