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The Jack Daniels logo represents the vintage brand. The monograms and swirls of the emblem indicate the premium taste, long aging period, and ancient recipes for which the alcohol of this brand is famous. The drink is uplifting and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

Jack Daniels: Brand overview

Founder:Jack Daniel
Lynchburg, Tennessee, U.S.
The legendary Jack Daniels trademark appeared in the middle of the nineteenth century, when Jasper Newton, nicknamed Jack, who had escaped from the house, became the distillery owner at the age of 13. Before that, he studied the art of distillation with a Lutheran priest and African American slave. The bottles indicate that the business was founded in 1866. According to the biographer, this happened almost ten years later – in 1875.

Meaning and History

Jack Daniels Logo History

The first distillery was called Jack Daniel Distillery. The Jack Daniels distillery came about after acquiring land next to the cave. There were valuable mineral springs from where the manufacturer drew water for the whiskey. Until about 1895, alcohol was bottled in large, round, narrow-necked bottles wrapped in plain gray paper bearing the brand’s name. Later, the famous square-shaped bottles were used. Jack wanted Old No. 7 to stand out not only in taste but also in appearance.

The most recognizable whiskey of this manufacturer is Black Label (it accounts for more than 95% of total sales). It is filtered through charcoal and then settled in handmade barrels. His label is considered the reference when it comes to logos because each Jack Daniels drink has its design and design elements. For example, Tennessee Honey is adorned with a bee emblem.

Even before Prohibition, the distillery began selling alcohol in bottles with a presentable black label. It was then that the foundation was laid for the modern logo, which underwent several modifications. At the same time, the little-known regional brand Old No. 7 became an iconic brand and improved the way we make whiskey.

What is Jack Daniels?

Jack Daniels is considered one of the most popular whiskey brands, although the classification of its alcohol can be classified more as bourbon. The spirits are produced by Jack Daniel Distillery, which, in turn, is owned by Brown-Forman Corporation. The brand has been around since the late 19th century – since a teenage Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel ran away from home and founded his distillery.

1950s – 1990s

Jack Daniels Logo 1950s-1990s

The emblem of those times reflects the cultural and historical heritage of Jack Daniels. The name of the oldest distillery is written at the top and is shaped like an arch. It uses an elongated capital font, with the first “J” and “D” much higher than the rest of the letters. At the bottom is the phrase “OLD TIME,” and below it is an authentic oval surrounded by a spiral pattern. Inside the oval is another inscription: “Old No. 7 BRAND “. It is divided into three lines and is complemented by two small dots on the sides.

The logo contains standard information that the manufacturer deemed necessary to place on the label: product type, place of manufacture, owner’s name, name, and year of the distillery’s foundation. It is noteworthy that different fonts are used for all inscriptions. Most of them have serifs; only the word “Tennessee” is handwritten.

the 1990s – 2011

Jack Daniels Logo 1990s-2011

Shortly before the 21st century, Black Label bottles received a new design. The manufacturer increased the phrase “JACK DANIEL’S” and decreased “OLD TIME” to visually highlight the distillery’s name. The oval spiral emblem also became compact, which affected the size of the “Old No. 7 BRAND.” The information at the bottom of the label was rearranged: due to many lines, the designers had to make the text small. The words “Tennessee” and “WHISKEY” remained large.

2011 – today

Jack Daniels Logo 2011-present

On May 16, 2011, the distillery announced that it was changing the iconic Black Label bottle. The redesign touched upon its shape and labels. At the same time, the alcohol recipe has not changed. Representatives of the Cue branding company had simplified the lettering, which before that, there were too many. So they decided to please the founder of the brand – a connoisseur of exquisite style.

They had to remove the clutter of words because the text distracted attention from the main thing – from the logo with the manufacturer’s name. The phrase “OLD TIME” has been removed entirely. The two side dots inside the oval have disappeared. Moreover, in the phrase “Old No. 7 BRAND,” the emphasis shifted to “No. 7 “because the designers have reduced the first and last word.

As for the inscriptions on the label itself, they also look new: the word “QUALITY” has disappeared, the handwritten font of the word “Tennessee” has become more accurate, and the phrase “SOUR MASH” has been adorned with wavy lines on the right and left. In addition, the creators of the new Black Label bottle removed some of the manufacturer information that was at the bottom.

Font and Colors

Jack Daniels Emblem

Connoisseurs of quality whiskey know Jack Daniels as one of the wordiest brands, with a lot of text and few graphic elements on its label. The distillery has something to say since its logo consists of only inscriptions. The only non-typographic element is the decorative oval with a spiral border.

In the process of evolution, part of the text has disappeared. The designers have removed information about how many people live in the city of Lynchburg. There used to be a postscript “Pop. 361”, but it did not correspond to reality because now there are more than 2000 people in this settlement.

The same goes for the year Jack Daniels was founded. It is not indicated on modern bottles, although even before 2011, there was the phrase “EST. & REG. IN 1866 “. The inscription was removed because this is controversial data that has not been documented. The words “LEM MOTLOW, PROPRIETOR” are also no longer relevant: the Brown-Forman Corporation has long owned the brand.

Jack Daniels Symbol

During the latest redesign of the BIack Label bottle, the developers tried to make the labels clear and legible without changing the original design. The name of the distillery is, as always, in the Jasper font. The word “Tennessee” is in handwritten Lynchburg Script. In addition, there are other serifs and sans serif typefaces on the label – both standard and enhanced versions.

The base of the logo is black in the color of the label. The main elements are light: most often white, but there are options with a sandy tint. If the emblem is not on the bottle but has a white background, the logo may be black.

Jack Daniels color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

Who designed the Jack Daniels logo?

Who designed the very first version of the Jack Daniels logo remains a mystery, like many other facts about the history of this brand. But the new Jack Daniels logo, introduced in 2011, was created by the specialists of Cue design agency under the direction of their creative director Alan Colvin.

What are the explanation for the logo of Jack Daniels?

The Jack Daniels logo looks like a collection of random elements, but it’s not. The oval, complete with swirling lines, represents the cork, which helps preserve the whiskey’s flavor and aroma. And the interrupted rectangular frame around the edges repeats the shape of the bottle. As for the black color of the label, it is considered mournful. If we believe the rumors, it was used after the death of the founder of the company in 1911.