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Jamalon: Brand overview

Jamalon, known as the leading online bookselling platform in the Middle East, has its origins in Amman, Jordan. It was in October 2010 that Ala Alsallal, backed by influential investor Fadi Ghandour, breathed life into the endeavor. The company’s mission was clear: to provide a seamless acquisition channel for Arabic and English literature targeting the entire Middle East.

In a short time, the digital bookstore’s repertoire has grown to 3,000 works by Arabic and 27,000 by English publishers. Thanks to this rapid growth and commitment to excellence, Jamalon has become the largest online bookstore in the region within half a decade of its founding.

One of Jamalon’s major achievements in 2016 was the strong demand for Arabic literature, which accounted for 80% of total sales. The following year, the company celebrated another milestone with the delivery of its 12 millionth book in the Middle East.

For nearly a decade, from 2010 to 2019, Jamalon’s trajectory seemed upward as it steadily built its reputation as the leading online book resource in the Middle East. However, in May 2022, the world changed when it was unexpectedly revealed that Jamalon had decided to cease operations. Financial pressure from investors began in 2019 and was cited as the main reason. Now, visitors to the company’s digital space are greeted with a moving reflection on Jamalon’s 12-year reign in the world of Arabic online bookselling, marking the end of its glorious journey.

Meaning and History

Jamalon Logo History

What is Jamalon?

Jamalon is the leading online bookseller in the Middle East region, offering a wide selection of books in multiple languages, convenient browsing and purchasing, and fast and secure delivery from its headquarters in Amman, Jordan. Alsallal and Fadi Ghandour’s visionary vision has made Jamalon the leading online bookstore in the Middle East. Since its opening in October 2010, Jamalon has been committed to offering readers a wide selection of books in different languages.

2010 – today

Jamalon Logo

The three purple icons in the Jamalon logo resemble both open books and arrows pointing to the name of the online store. This fits well with the fact that the store is focused on selling books. The text under the icons is done in a businesslike but soft style: the letters are colored black and have no sharp corners, only smooth cuts. The lowercase font gives a friendly feel, and the free spacing between letters provides more clarity.

The purple icons are like a wink to the company. The business text at the bottom is like the voice of a trusted friend saying, “You’re in a good place to find your next read.” The whole logo works as a mini-story about books and traveling.

Jamalon color codes

Dark MagentaHex color:#811c96
RGB:129 28 150
CMYK:14 81 0 41
Pantone:PMS 254 C
Shadow GrayHex color:#3f3e40
RGB:63 62 64
CMYK:2 3 0 75
Pantone:PMS Black 7 C