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Jameson Logo

Jameson Logo
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Jameson is a well-known brand that appeared in the 1780th year. Her homeland in Ireland. In Dublin, John Jameson opened his distillery John Jameson & Son Irish Whiskey for distilling whiskey with a strength of 40%. In 1866 he merged with Cork Distillers and John Powers to form the Irish Distillers Group. Many years later, in 1988, the company was acquired by Pernod Ricard. Now it is a large-scale enterprise providing the whole world with elite alcohol.

Meaning and History

Jameson Symbol

The company’s corporate identity consists of an emblem, a round label, and a label, which appeared almost simultaneously with the launch of the family business. Their design reflects the idea of โ€‹โ€‹individuality, authenticity, and high value of the product offered. Indeed, Irish whiskey has admired its sophisticated unpretentiousness throughout the centuries; therefore, it is recognized as an exclusive alcohol brand.

Daring visualization backed by exquisite taste. It is distinguished by outstanding attractiveness, provokes interest, and encourages the purchase of an elite drink. Father and son Jameson relied on it because they understood that a real logo should be. Hence, marketing is a key element of a corporate logo.

The modern version is a timeless hallmark, one of the most recognizable in the alcohol industry. The unique symbolism confirms the products’ originality, conveying a clear interpretation, the tradition of the recipe, and generations’ continuity. Designers have provided her with internal dynamics and her character.

The Jameson logo is the generic coat of arms. It is accompanied by a slogan, a detailed name, or some important dates in different versions. It all depends on where it is used – as a separate trademark, on a label, or in business papers.

The original version of the logo is made up of Scottish heraldic elements. The head of the family received a distinctive coat of arms for opposing pirates off the coast in the 17th century. Therefore, it depicts a ship with inflated sails – a symbol of purposeful forward movement.

And there is also a shield, which is crossed by two wide stripes cross to cross. In their gaps, there are two anchors (right and left) and a star (in the middle). A ribbon with the motto “Sine metu” is stretched under the coat of arms. It is written in block letters in upper case. Above them is the name “Jameson” in the form of an arch, below – the phrase “Irish whiskey,” outlined in two straight lines.

Another variant (trademark) was developed by Robert Stradling, betting on a combination of handwritten and printed fonts, serif and sans serif, narrow and wide. There are two basic ones – Freebooter Script Font and ITC Stone serif. Also, John Jameson’s signature (on the label) is sometimes used.

Regardless of the type of branding, each version has one common touch – the Jameson lettering’s semicircular shape. It is done in capital letters with a small shadow on the right side, giving it a 3D effect.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Jameson Emblem

Designer Robert Stradling, the logo maker, chose two types of fonts for it: one serif and the other grotesque. The closest ones are the ITC Stone serif and Freebooter Script Font. The main field letters are wide, slightly curved, with pointed ends, on the central icon – even, smooth, thin. The “J” has a spike-like projection at the bottom, as in the Old English sign.

The color palette is bright, allowing the brand to make the drink well recognizable. The corporate grids include creamy yellow (background, central letters), balanced green (main captions), and deep burgundy (round icon).