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The Japan Airlines logo serves as a vivid embodiment of the country’s culture and artistic heritage. The meaning of the JAL logo has many interpretations. First of all, the red circle represents the sun, a symbol often found in Japanese culture that conveys energy, vitality, and power. The presence of the imaginary circle can indicate the airline’s global business operations and its importance on the world stage.

The crane bird itself, in Japanese culture, symbolizes loyalty, perseverance, longevity, reliability, and the quality of service offered by JAL. It symbolizes migration and movement, which is in line with the airline’s core business.

The letters “JAL” below the bird and highlighted in bold italics symbolize the company’s conviction and durability, emphasizing its connection with Japan. The white font indicates transparency and purity, further emphasizing the airline’s honesty and responsibility to its patrons.

Japan Airlines’ name, printed in black italics in bold letters at the bottom of the logo, emphasizes reliability, stability, and the company’s commitment to providing first-class service over the long term.

The Japan Airlines emblem represents an exceptional fusion of Japanese tradition and global perspective, as the airline’s reliability, quality, and flexibility.

Japan Airlines: Brand overview

Founded: 1 August 1951
Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
Website: jal.co.jp

Meaning and History

Japan Airlines Logo History

1951 – 1959

Japan Airlines Logo 1951

1959 – 1989

Japan Airlines Logo 1959

1989 – 2002

Japan Airlines Logo 1989

2002 – 2011

Japan Airlines Logo 2002

2011 – today

Japan Airlines Logo

Japan Airlines color codes

Lust Hex color: #e60013
RGB: 230 0 19
CMYK: 0 100 92 10
Pantone: PMS 485 C
Licorice Hex color: #221915
RGB: 34 25 21
CMYK: 0 26 38 87
Pantone: PMS Black 4 C