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Jarrold’s logo is a striking visual embodiment of the British store’s unique character and values. The logo draws on tradition but has a modern twist that makes it far from traditional. The logo serves as a beacon for the store’s individualistic ethos, targeting customers who share the brand’s penchant for original and meaningful items. The logo echoes themes of authority, individuality, and resisting the mainstream, attracting a specific clientele that values these nuances. The emblem is associated with quality, uniqueness, and a sense of community that defies mass production.

Jarrolds: Brand overview

Founded in 1770, the Jarrold Group began as a grocery and textile store in Woodbridge, Suffolk County, led by John Jarrold. By 1823, under the leadership of John Jarrold II, the business had moved to Norwich, Norfolk.

Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the company engaged in a variety of activities, including printing, publishing, and retailing. One successful publishing project was Anna Sewell’s famous novel Black Beauty, published in the 1800s. By the early twentieth century, a famous department store had opened on London Street in Norwich. This store, built by the skillful architect George John Skipper, is an iconic Norwich structure.

During the 20th century, Jarrold expanded its publishing and printing operations in Norwich. However, in 2005, a fateful decision was made to sell these businesses, leaving the company to concentrate on retail and real estate. The Jarrold Group now operates several department stores and retail outlets in Norwich and the surrounding areas of Norfolk. Having existed for over a quarter of a millennium, the company retains its family roots and is involved in retail and real estate in the region of its founding.

Meaning and History

Jarrolds Logo History

Before 2023

Jarrolds Logo before 2023

2023 – today

Jarrolds Logo

The independent store from the UK expresses its identity in a variety of ways, including its logo. The logo depicts a heraldic lion proudly displaying a “no” or “stop” sign. This message is conveyed through the lion’s paw extended forward as if ordering the opponent to stop. The animal’s mouth is also open as if emitting a warning growl. Despite this, the style of the figure does not emit aggression; on the contrary, all the lines are smooth, soft, and rounded. Under the lion is the name of the company, consisting of large dots reminiscent of the crest on the tail of the animal. The curve of the letter “J” resembles a paw.

The lion, a symbol of courage and nobility, effectively conveys the independent character of the store. The lion’s harmonious lines and softer design elements balance the stark message, making the logo both commanding and approachable. Playful typographic elements, such as large dots and a paw-shaped “J,” add personality to the corporate identity.