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The Jet Airways logo is a reminder of the dreams and hustle that made the skies of India open. It is a story of rise, fall, and hope to rise again. Imagine a phoenix that once covered the Indian sky and then disappeared, but it has a desire to return. It’s not just an airline sign; it’s a symbol showing that hardship can land you, but it can’t keep you down forever.

This logo reminds you of home-cooked food and Diwali celebrations, even if you are far away from the land of spices and festivities. It is the aroma of tea that hovers in the air, even thousands of feet above the ground. One look at the logo makes you feel like you are part of an adventure stretching from the Himalayas to the heart of Delhi. It is an icon that promises to transport you to places old and new, enveloping you in the warmth and colors of India.

Jet Airways: Brand overview

Jet Airways is an iconic Indian airline headquartered in Delhi, NCR.

Jet Airways took its first steps as a limited liability company in April 1992 and took to the skies as an air cab operator the following year. With a fleet of four Boeing 737 aircraft, the airline started operating charter flights connecting various destinations across India.

In 1995, Jet Airways became a full-fledged scheduled airline, quickly gaining fame.

In 2004, Jet Airways entered the international market. The inaugural flight from Chennai to Colombo, Sri Lanka, was the beginning of an ambitious international journey.

Continuing to expand its operations, Jet Airways made a significant acquisition in 2007 by buying Air Sahara.

Despite notable successes, Jet Airways has faced financial and operational challenges in recent years. In 2019, the airline suspended all flights due to significant debt and other financial obligations.

The airline plans to resume flights by the end of 2023. If successful, Jet Airways will go down in history as the first Indian airline to be revived after going out of business.

Meaning and History

Jet Airways Logo History

What is Jet Airways?

Jet Airways (India) Ltd has established itself in the Indian aviation industry with a base in Delhi (NC) and a separate training and development center in Mumbai. This aviation company was established in April 1992 as a limited liability company and took to the skies as an air cab operator in 1993. Its journey to full-fledged operations was completed in 1995, and international flights became a part of its operations in 2004. In 2007, the company acquired Air Sahara, making it a strong player in the Indian aviation sector.

1993 – 2007

Jet Airways Logo 1993

2007 – 2019

Jet Airways Logo 2007


Jet Airways Logo

This logo was developed in 2007 when the branding company Landor Associates redesigned Jet Airways aircraft. One element from the previous design was retained – the so-called “flying sun.” It has an oval shape with deep triangular cutouts. The geometric shape is colored yellow and tilted to the right. Its shape and orientation really evoke the feeling of flight and movement. The name of the airline is written on the right side in elegant dark blue letters with thin serifs.

The flying sun element is the dynamic center of the logo, conveying the essence of air travel and adventure. The choice of yellow for the sun and dark blue for the text creates a nice contrast, making the logo visually appealing. The elegant font gives the logo a refined look, which fits well with the company’s goal of providing quality services. Overall, the design successfully combines tradition and modernity, symbolizing the adaptability and foresight of the airline.