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JetBlue’s logo is textual, which does not remind anything of its occupation. At the same time, it is austere, businesslike, and practical, which positively affects potential passengers because they see it as a reflection of protection and safety. The only link with professional activity is the blue color of the letters.

JetBlue: Brand overview

Founded:August 1998
Founder:David Neeleman
Long Island City, Queens, New York, U.S.

JetBlue is an American budget airline. It is the seventh largest on the North American continent and flies to many countries worldwide. The service is also among the top 10 in the number of passengers flown. It is headquartered in New York. In addition, it has two out-of-town offices: in Florida and Utah.

This company has not one but two years of history. So, in 1998 it was first founded as NewAir, and in 2000 began working under the current name. Its founder is a businessman David Neeleman. He incorporated the firm in Delaware and opened an office in Forest Hills (Queens).

Meaning and History

JetBlue Logo History

After the renaming, the owners wanted to call the airline company Taxi, as it is directly related to the delivery of passengers. In this regard, they even chose a yellow livery for the planes in their fleet. This concept, in their opinion, should have caused customers to associate it with New York, the city where the headquarters are located. However, after threats from the investor, the scandalous idea was scrapped. Otherwise, the aviation company would have lost 40 million dollars provided by JP Morgan. The result was JetBlue with one logo.

JetBlue Symbol

After the rebranding, it was time to change the logo design to match the name. The developers opted for a text logo with no graphic elements reminiscent of planes, altitude, and air travel. The meaning of such a concept is simple: no risk, delivery to the place, as if on the ground. The only nuance related to the sky was the color of the name.

What is JetBlue?

JetBlue is a budget airline from the United States that offers both domestic and international flights. It appeared in 1995 under the name NewAir, and in 2000 it was renamed. The founder of the company – was a businessman David Neeleman. The company is headquartered in New York City.

The main detail of the emblem is a horizontal inscription placed in one line. It consists of two parts, which are connected together. The first is “jet” in lowercase, directly referring to the theme of flight. The second is “Blue,” beginning with a capital letter. This typography is chosen on purpose to distinguish the two semantic foundations visually. This word denotes not only the color of the text but also the classic shade of the sky.

With its minimalist logo, JetBlue wanted to convey that it is a low-cost carrier and that it focuses only on its core mission of delivering passengers. Despite the lack of flight-related graphics or imagery, the logo is a direct message about its line of business. That is why the management opted for textual symbolism.

Font and Colors

JetBlue Emblem

JetBlue’s visual identity is based on the commercial font FF Din Medium. It is a grotesque typeface created by Albert-Jan Pool and first published by FontFont. The corporate palette uses the iconic dark shade of blue.

JetBlue color codes

Dark Midnight BlueHex color:#003876
RGB:0 56 118
CMYK:100 53 0 54
Pantone:PMS 294 C