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The Kaipan logo appears to have wings and races so fast that it reaches the sun. The elements show perspective and bright light. The symbol radiates creativity and optimism, indicating aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-drive cars.

Kaipan: Brand overview

Kaipan was born in the Czech town of Smřovka in 1991, and six years later, it entered the automotive arena. The first car, the Kaipan 47, was based on the classic Lotus Seven roadster and even featured a Lotus engine. This marked the company’s entry into the retro-roadster niche.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Kaipan released another model, the 57, equipped with Volkswagen engines, which meant a change in style and performance. The company’s release of the Kaipan 14 was significant in 2006, the first car with a completely original body. This car was equipped with Škoda engines and other powertrain elements, emphasizing further cooperation with Czech machine builders.

The model was further developed in 2008 with the Kaipan 15, equipped with improved Škoda engines and minor design changes. Production of this model continued until 2011, with a total of about 340 cars produced. Kaipan has produced around 500 roadsters since the company started producing cars in 1997. These are not production cars; they are amazing for those seeking a one-of-a-kind, no-frills driving experience reminiscent of times past.

Today, Kaipan remains true to its craft and produces a limited number of sports cars each year in its workshop in the Czech Republic. Each car embodies retro styling and driving purity, satisfying a discerning clientele of automotive enthusiasts.

Meaning and History

Kaipan Logo History

1991 – today

Kaipan Logo

The KAIPAN logo, from the Czech car manufacturer, features an abstract design. At the top, two yellow crescents face upwards and vary in size. They are nested together, forming another crescent and a circle in the negative white space. Below this design, the word “KAIPAN” appears in black, using a typeface similar to Aviano Serif Bold. The font has unique characteristics like an open “P,” smoother curves on the “K,” and shorter serifs.

The yellow crescents and white space create a visually appealing design, symbolizing unity and harmony. The unique font for “KAIPAN” gives the brand a distinct personality. Modifications to the letters “P” and “K,” along with shortened serifs, add character to the word mark, enhancing the brand’s visual identity.

The yellow crescents evoke brightness and energy, suggesting innovation and forward-thinking. The interplay of shapes in the negative space adds depth and complexity, reflecting the brand’s commitment to design excellence and attention to detail.

The black lettering of “KAIPAN” contrasts sharply against the yellow crescents, ensuring the brand name stands out. The specialized font’s unique features convey modernity and sophistication, aligning with the brand’s image as a premium car manufacturer.