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Keating Supercars: Brand overview

Keating Supercars was founded in 2006 by Anthony Keating, an automotive graduate from the University of Bolton with grand ambitions. That same year, the company launched the TKR model, a minimalist supercar designed primarily for the racetrack. The car was produced in such limited numbers that it became a rarity in the automotive world.

In 2009, Keating diversified its portfolio by introducing the street-legal SKR, and a year later, the race track-oriented ZKR debuted. Nevertheless, these models were produced in very limited numbers, making them sought-after novelties in the world of supercars.

2016 marked a daring moment for Keating with the introduction of the Bolt, a supercar that claimed to break speed records by going up to 300 mph. Despite the hype, the Bolt remained a prototype and was never put into production.

Throughout its existence, Keating Supercars has produced a very limited number of cars – presumably less than 100 cars of all models. Operating in a low-production mode, the company primarily targeted an exclusive clientele, offering cars that combined dizzying speed with an uncompromising tactile driving experience.

After 15 years of existence, Keating Supercars announced in May 2021 that it would cease operations due to financial difficulties. Although the company had a relatively short existence, it left an indelible mark with its daring attempts to push the boundaries of low-production, high-performance supercars.

Meaning and History

Keating Supercars Logo History

2006 – today

Keating Supercars Logo

Keating Supercars is all about speed, which is why its logo resembles a symbol of victory. It shows a triangular heraldic shield shimmering with a silver gradient, reminiscent of an honorary award. Inside it is another shield of similar shape but red in color. The inner shield is decorated with four diagonal rows of small circles resembling perforations. The name of the automaker is presented in the form of a two-line inscription in gray color, made in a modern font with flattened letters.

The silver gradient on the outer shield gives a luxurious look, emphasizing the premium nature of the supercars. The inner shield in red symbolizes passion and energy – key attributes in the high-performance car market. The modern, flattened font of the company name fits well with the brand’s focus on contemporary design and innovation.