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The Keating Supercars logo is designed to embody victory, aligning with the company’s emphasis on speed. It features a triangular heraldic shield that boasts a silver gradient, giving it the appearance of a prestigious award. Inside this exterior shield is a similar but red shield adorned with four diagonal rows of small circles resembling perforation. The manufacturer’s name is in a two-line gray inscription, set in a contemporary font with flattened characters.

The outer shield’s triangular shape is a classic symbol of stability and power. This geometric figure has been a part of heraldic tradition for centuries and carries connotations of nobility, courage, and achievement. The silver gradient further accentuates these traits, as silver is a color often linked with sophistication, technology, and modernity.

The inner shield, painted red, is another layer of symbolism. Red is the color of passion, energy, and action, which fits well with a high-performance vehicle company. The four diagonal rows of small circles introduce a unique texture to the design. These circles mimic the look of perforation, an element commonly found in automotive design for aesthetic and functional reasons like reduced weight or improved aerodynamics.

Keating Supercars leverages these multiple layers of symbolism to project a specific brand image. The visual elements collectively signify that this brand is focused on blending tradition with modernity. The shields evoke a sense of heritage and lineage, while the silver gradient and contemporary typography introduce a modern twist.

The logo’s typography presents the brand name in a subdued gray color, which complements the more vibrant shades of the shields. The flattened characters in the font provide a modern, streamlined appearance, further emphasizing speed and performance.

This logo serves as a comprehensive visual narrative for the brand. It is not simply a decorative element but a carefully designed emblem that encapsulates the manufacturer’s core values and ambitions. From the traditional form of the shield to the modern elements like the gradient and unique typography, each component contributes to a story of speed, heritage, and a relentless pursuit of victory. The logo does an excellent job summarizing what the brand stands for in the high-performance automotive sector.

Keating Supercars: Brand overview

Founded:2006 – 31 May 2021
Founder:Anthony Keating
Bolton, England, United Kingdom
Incepted in 2006 by Anthony Keating, an alumnus of the University of Bolton with a specialization in automotive engineering, Keating Supercars emerged from Bolton, England, with grand ambitions. The company started with the TKR the same year, a minimalist supercar primarily fashioned for racetracks. The car was produced in such scant quantities that it became a rarity in the automotive world.

By 2009, Keating diversified its portfolio by introducing the street-legal SKR, and a year later, the racetrack-centric ZKR debuted. Nevertheless, these models were produced in very limited numbers, making them sought-after novelties in the supercar landscape.

2016 marked an audacious moment for Keating with the unveiling of the Bolt, a supercar aspiring to shatter speed records by clocking over 300 miles per hour. Despite the hype, the Bolt remained a prototype and never proceeded to full-scale manufacturing.

Throughout its existence, the output of Keating Supercars was incredibly limited, with fewer than 100 cars believed to have been produced across all models. Operating on a low-volume basis, the firm primarily catered to an exclusive clientele, offering vehicles that merged eye-watering velocity with an uncompromised, tactile driving sensation.

After a 15-year run, Keating Supercars announced in May 2021 that it would be shuttering its operations due to financial constraints. Though its lifespan was relatively brief, the company left an indelible mark for its audacious attempts at pushing the envelope in high-performance, low-volume supercars.

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