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KG Mobility: Brand overview

Founded in 1954 as Ha Dong-Hwan Motor Workshop, this South Korean company specializes in the production of trucks and buses. In 1986, the company was transformed into the SsangYong Group and renamed SsangYong Motor Company. In the 90s, the company focused on the production of Jeeps, SUVs, and sedans, among which stood out models such as Musso and Korando.

Things changed again in 1998 when Daewoo Motors became the major shareholder. However, this relationship was short-lived: after Daewoo’s financial collapse in 2004, SsangYong was taken over by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). By 2011, Indian auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra had taken over the company and had been in charge for more than a decade.

The “roller coaster” did not end there. In 2022, SsangYong was again on the verge of financial collapse and eventually became part of the South Korean conglomerate KG Group, specializing in steel production. In March 2023, the company was renamed KG Mobility to reflect this change and to match its new focus.

Today, operating out of production facilities in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, KG Mobility continues to produce a diverse lineup of vehicles ranging from SUVs and electric vehicles to a variety of commercial vehicles.

Meaning and History

KG Mobility Logo History

1954 – 1963

Ha Dong-hwan Motors Logo 1954

1963 – 1979

Dong-Hwan Motor Logo 1963

1979 – 1988

Dong-Hwan Motor Logo 1979

1988 – 1989

SsangYong Logo 1988

1989 – 1997

SsangYong Logo 1989

1992 – 1997

SsangYong Logo 1992

1997 – 2001

SsangYong Logo 1997

2001 – 2023

SsangYong Logo 2001

2023 – today

KG Mobility Logo

In 2023, SsangYong was renamed KG Mobility, which entailed a logo change. The new name is written in a clean and bold purple-colored font. All letters are capitalized, but the initials “K” and “G” are slightly larger than the rest. The trademark is complemented by a geometric pattern consisting of five triangles in dark pink, purple, blue, orange, and yellow colors. These triangles form a shape that resembles an opening corner brace.

The use of different colors in the triangles symbolizes the company’s versatility and adaptability, which is in line with its rebranding to KG Mobility. The shape of the opening angle bracket symbolizes the company’s openness to new opportunities and directions, reinforcing the company’s name change and mission. The purple text echoes the themes of innovation and sophistication, indicating the brand’s focus on the high-end market.