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The children’s TV channel is characterized by bright and expressive identity elements that may interest the target audience. Therefore, the Kika (TV) logo expresses joy, optimism, and inexhaustible energy – which children usually like. This is a symbol of a good mood.

Kika (TV): Brand overview

Founded:1 January 1997
Founder:ARD and ZDF
Erfurt, Germany

Kika is a well-known channel broadcasting programs for children. Broadcasting is carried out in HD-version from the German city of Erfurt throughout the country. The name itself is an abbreviated version of the phrase Kinder-Kanal. ARD member organizations provide the operation of the channel in cooperation with ZDF. One of the main features of Kika is an extensive program that includes various shows and cartoons.

The TV channel has its bright logo, which is associated with optimism, positivity, and fun. This perception is mainly achieved through the use of light yellow in combination with a muted blue outline. The friendly design is complemented by a massive playful font, which is used to decorate the name of an exciting TV channel.

Meaning and History

Kika (TV) Logo History

Kika is today one of the leading children’s TV channels in Germany. Initially, the broadcasts were conducted in the usual mode, and only over time did the channel upgrade the quality to HD. The innovation allowed watching programs in high definition with good detail. Such improvements have made Kika quite popular and also significantly increased its rating.

Throughout the entire period of its existence, the channel has changed its visual identity several times. This is due not only to gradual development but also to changes in brand design. Kika’s management tried to update the logo per current design trends periodically, so each icon was beautiful and recognizable. This also applies to the modern emblem, which demonstrates cheerfulness and a positive attitude.

What is Kika (TV)?

Kika is an exciting children’s channel broadcasting program throughout Germany. The organization ARD and the federal government agency ZDF took part in the formation. The channel operates around the clock, but the programs are broadcast from 6.00 to 21.00. TV games, cartoons, TV series, feature films, fairy tales, TV magazines, and other programs are presented on the air.

1996 – 1999

Clubhouse Logo 1996

In 1996, the channel got its first logo, combining word marks and graphic elements. In the center was a large, powerful letter H. Above it was a symbol that looked like the steps of a ladder. Under the letter is the inscription Club House. All this emphasized the homely, cozy atmosphere, which helped to create exciting programs for the Kika TV channel.

The stylized staircase directly symbolizes the house, warmth, and relaxation. The massive letter H is a stylish graphic addition that evokes positive emotions and joy. In addition, the massive thick lines of the sign as a whole make the logo more confident, demonstrating the position of the TV channel.

He is one of the best in Germany, so he steadfastly holds his position compared to competitors. Another important element is the inscription. It is designed in small letters in a funny format. This typeface is distinguished by rather smooth rounded lines and the absence of serifs. The chosen style makes the design more modern and stylish.

1997 – 2000

Der Kinderkanal Logo 1997

The official launch of the TV channel Kika (at that time Der Kinderkanal) took place in 1997. At this point, management decided to change the logo. The old version did not fit the new concept of the channel. The result was a logo that was radically different from its predecessor. The new version consisted of bright graphic elements and a figure with the channel’s name.

On the background were placed two letters X, which are interconnected. It looks like two figures are holding hands. In the middle, there is an elongated thin oval, inside of which there was an inscription. The updated design best reflected the channel’s philosophy and values.

Two figures symbolized friendliness and positivity, and the inscription performed an informational task. An additional element of the visual identity was bright, expressive colors. The colors used for the logo are blue (trust), white (purity), yellow (fun), and red (energy). Together they reflected the main characteristics of Kika.

2000 – 2012

KI.KA Logo 2000

In 2000, the management again decided to rebrand. The old logo was replaced with a more perfect and stylish version. The main feature of the new version was the preservation of the colors and the sign in the form of the letter X. In addition, the name of the channel has become more vivid and expressive. The Kika lettering has become the centerpiece. Letters were presented in large sizes without serifs.

Among other characteristics of the inscription, one can single out massive straight lines demonstrating adherence to principles and steadfastness. But, the strict lines were diluted with an unusual slope of the letter I. It was out of the general concept and made the emblem quite funny. Near it was a blue circle with an X inside. The badge favorably emphasized the contrasting colors and complemented the badge favorably.

2012 – today

KiKA Logo

In 2012, Kika got a completely new logo that is still in use today. It was a demonstrative departure from the old visual concept and a new level in the development of the channel. One clear reason for the logo change that year was the broadcast’s move to the more advanced HD mode. In this regard, the designers developed a beautiful and powerful emblem that showed incredible achievements and prosperity.

It was still based on the inscription indicating the channel’s name, but in a different format and with an addition. Below it was the phrase von ARD und ZDF, which denoted the broadcast organizers. The Kika letters have been changed to a more massive and expressive format and complemented by a neat thin outline. Unlike the previous version, they were all located exactly, which symbolized stability in everything.

Playfulness, in this case, was achieved through unusual cuts that gave the letters bizarre shapes. The lower inscription is designed in a more strict and thin font. It was distinguished by straight lines, clear cuts, and no serifs. Both typefaces fall into the category of new modern variations that symbolize style, renewal, and progressiveness.

Font and Colors

KiKA Symbol

The Kika logo impresses with its large shapes and bright colors. This is a classic example of the expressive style that famous TV channels use for decoration. The letters of the name and the contrasting lower phrase stand out, and the background and colors are in absolute harmony. The main component is the name of the children’s TV channel. It is made in massive soft font, with original smooth cuts of different shapes.

This feature makes the letters especially attractive and memorable. In addition, this form demonstrates goodwill, coziness, and comfort. The lower inscription is in smaller letters. For it, a simple, concise font was used, which is distinguished by good readability. Straight lines with regular cuts are visible here. Another feature of the visual identity is a well-chosen color scheme.

The name is painted in two colors at once. A bright yellow tint is used as the main one, which fills the entire space of the letters, and thin contours are painted in a muted blue. The lower inscription is decorated in the same shade. Yellow is a positive symbol; muted blue is associated with trust, professionalism, and calmness.

Kika (TV) color codes

Middle YellowHex color:#ffeb1b
RGB:255 235 27
CMYK:0 8 89 0
Pantone:PMS 803 C
Midnight GreenHex color:#035b63
RGB:3 91 99
CMYK:97 8 0 61
Pantone:PMS 323 C