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Koenigsegg Logo

Koenigsegg Logo
Koenigsegg Logo PNG

The Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg entered the market in 1994. He became a dream come true for Christian von Koenigsegg, who fell in love with the automotive industry at six when he first saw The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix. The budding inventor wanted to create his racing car, just like the protagonist of the TV show. And he succeeded: the Koenigsegg project turned out to be more than successful and eventually grew into a large-scale, world-class business.

Meaning and History

Koenigsegg Logo History
Evolution of the Koenigsegg Logo

What is Koenigsegg?

It is a powerful sports car manufacturer from Sweden. He develops all the components and subsystems for cars, not trusting other companies.

The company produces hypercars that are striking in technical excellence. One of the latest models is the high-performance Gemera, designed for four people. It is in no way inferior to standard two-seater supercars and is capable of speeds up to 248 mph. Koenigsegg cars are distinguished by their capabilities and the traditional logo – a coat of arms with a red and yellow diamond pattern and a blue frame. In the upper part, there is an abstract figure in the Cyrillic letter “Ж”: two semi-rings separated by a vertical line.

This drawing was taken from the real family coat of arms, which once belonged to the ancestors of Christian von Koenigsegg. The owner of the company delved into his family’s history and found out that its roots go back to the 12th century, in the era of the knights. So the car brand reflects some extent, the legacy of the old days.

Small details have been changed in the logo, such as the golden badge at the top. It did not appear by chance and is used not only as a decoration. This is an unusual monogram made up of the letters KCC. The abbreviation is derived from the full name of the car manufacturer: Koenigsegg CC.

Of course, the creator of the brand was not involved in graphic design himself. He assigned this task to a specialist – his high school friend named Jacob Laftman. A talented artist immediately got down to business, so in 1994 the project already had an identity system. The logo looks progressive, but it has an imprint of a long tradition. It reflects the company’s concept, which is based on a combination of modern technology and age-old values. In addition, Koenigsegg has a wordmark: black italic lettering with an underscore.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Koenigsegg Emblem

Many car brands use heraldic shields for visual identification. But for Koenigsegg, this symbol has a special meaning because it once belonged to the ancestors of the founder of the company. At the same time, the traditional crest has a modern aesthetic: a three-dimensional pattern of multicolored rhombuses and a stylish monogram of the letters KCC. The full brand name is not included on the shield. Christian von Koenigsegg and Jacob Laftman hoped the emblem would be recognizable enough to be associated with only one automaker.

The inscription is out of the picture. The authors used Neographik Italic for the word “Koenigsegg” in bold italics. All letters (except the first) are lowercase, and almost all (except for the three “g”) are underlined with a long horizontal line. This typography makes the plain black text stand out against a brightly colored billboard.

Koenigsegg Symbol

The palette of the emblem can be called variegated because it combines a variety of colors. The rhombuses are colored in several shades of red, yellow, and orange, and a blue gradient is used for the frame. The designer chose such a bold combination to make the Koenigsegg logo stand out from other car companies’ black, white, gray, and silver badges.