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Because of the graphic elements, it looks like the Kona logo is spinning. Designers specifically sought this visual effect because this logo belongs to the manufacturer of bicycles. The dynamics, in this case, symbolize the smooth mechanism that allows the two-wheeled vehicle to move.

Kona: Brand overview

Founder:Kent Outdoors
Ferndale, Washington, United States

Kona is a major international manufacturer of bicycles of various classes. The brand is known for its high-tech developments and the creation of unique lines of two-wheeled vehicles. During its existence, the company has created a series of reliable freeride mountain bikes, cyclo-cross models, and many other varieties. The main office of Kona is located in the state of Washington (Ferndale). In addition, the company owns distribution offices in Europe and Canada (Vancouver).

All structural divisions adhere not only to one charter but also to a single visual concept. It is based on an incredibly stylish logo consisting of several components. It contains word characters, a large first letter of the name, and two decorative characters. Each of them demonstrates a separate characteristic of the brand and, at the same time, is part of an integral harmonious emblem. This fully reflects the diverse activities of Kona, which is aimed at creating full-fledged quality designs.

Meaning and History

Kona Logo History

Kona is a company that has gone through many different stages on its way to success. But, each of them ended with the creation of new technology or the development of a more advanced bicycle model. Thanks to impressive achievements and the pursuit of excellence, the brand has managed to achieve incredible success. Kona has managed to open offices in other countries and win over foreign buyers with excellent performance of its latest developments. So the brand name became widely known, and its logo began to be recognized in different parts of the world.

The black and white badge with the original Kona inscription has become a kind of confirmation of quality products. This stylish multi-faceted badge showed many positive aspects of the firm. Among them are professionalism, quality, solid status, and adherence to principles. These advantages were emphasized by strict achromatic coloring, the presence of stylized decorative elements, as well as an unusually massive font.

What is Kona?

Kona is a well-known American bicycle manufacturer. The manufacturer’s activity extends not only within the country but also abroad. The brand has opened branches in Canada as well as some European countries. Thanks to the expansion of the structure, bicycles have become available in more than 60 countries. A feature of Kona products is the use of innovative carbon fiber, steel, aluminum, and titanium alloy.


Kona Old Logo

The brand was founded back in 1988. In collaboration with renowned racing driver Joe Murray, the company produced custom steel hardtails. She was the first in the world to create a complete variety of frames designed for mountain bikes. Kona later introduced a wider range of two-wheelers to the world. Cyclocross, road, and suburban variations appeared on sale.

They made a splash and are incredibly popular to this day. At that time, the company had a stylish and attractive corporate badge. The early version of the Kona logo was powerful, bold, and confident. All attention in it was focused on the company’s field of activity – the production of bicycles. This was expressed in the form of a large decorative element resembling a bicycle tire in shape.

Inside the circle, there was a pronounced massive letter K, creating an additional emphasis on the brand name. Beneath the composition was the brand’s name, made in the same style as the letter K. It was a massive, angular font decorated with white outlines. This style symbolized confidence, stability, and friendliness. That was part of the main message of Kona. An additional characteristic was the color palette. The logo combined only two classic colors – black and white. They express prestige, solid status, honesty, and professionalism.


Kona New Logo

After some time, the management of Kona decided to rebrand. From that moment on, the company began to use an updated logo, which is still relevant today. It is a more perfect and stylish picture, which consists of several elements. In the center of the emblem, there is a clear expressive circle that intersects with a thinner semicircle.

The first element is made with a bold black outline, which makes it look like a bicycle tire. The semicircle cuts it in two places. The chosen design style symbolizes unity. In the context of the visual concept, this means a single coordinated work of all bike mechanisms. In addition, the characteristic concerns the company’s team itself. Kona employees work together to achieve a common goal – to create quality bikes of different types.

Among other changes, one can also highlight the lack of contours in the letters. Kona and Bicycles inscriptions are made in flat fonts of different sizes. The letter K, located inside the circles, is decorated in the same style. The changes testified to the improvement of production and the release of new models. This was the reason for updating the logo to a more modern version. The coloring remained unchanged.

Font and Colors

Kona Emblem

Kona combines a large number of elements. It has stylish smooth lines, two types of fonts, and a stylized letter K located inside a circle. Each position has a special semantic load and also favorably complements other elements. The logo is based on two radically different inscriptions. One of them indicates the name of the company, and the second – is the products that it produces.

The Kona lettering draws more attention to itself, as it is done in bold, massive sans-serif. The chosen format is distinguished by a special form of letters that are interconnected and have unusual angles. In addition, they are slanted, similar to the italic style. The dynamic font symbolizes growth, development, and movement. This perfectly characterizes Kona, as the brand is constantly improving and introducing new technologies.

In addition, massive letters reflect confidence, stability, and reliability, which can also be attributed to the company’s main advantages. The Bicycles lettering on the bottom is thinner and simpler. The letters are presented in a smaller size. It favorably complements the upper element and performs the function of clarification. The modern, stylish font in the logo goes well with the classic color scheme of black and white.

Kona Symbol

The choice of traditional shades means that there is a strong, stable foundation on which the brand builds its activities. This is manifested in a built strategy that allows you to achieve your goals gradually. Thanks to this, as well as the incredible efforts of a whole team of experienced professionals, the brand was able to win the trust of many customers. Hence professionalism, conscientiousness, and honesty are inherent in the chosen color scheme. These principles have been the basis of Kona’s activities throughout its existence.

Kona color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C