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The LaSalle logo resembles a badge of quality, signifying the brand’s premium status. The elements highlight the innovations incorporated into this prestigious car. The car made a successful debut in the General Motors line due to the combination of high-quality and more compact car sizes.

LaSalle: Brand overview

In 1927, General Motors (GM) introduced LaSalle, which was envisioned as a subsidiary brand to Cadillac. The aim was to bridge the price disparity between high-end Cadillac vehicles and the more affordable options in GM’s lineup. Drawing inspiration from the annals of history, LaSalle was christened after the French explorer René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, echoing how Cadillac received its name from Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac.

Upon its debut, the brand introduced the 1927 LaSalle Series 303 and 304 models. In its nascent stage, these cars resemble Cadillac vehicles, sharing engine components and several body elements. As the 1930s unfolded, LaSalle carved its niche, presenting itself as a compact and economical version of Cadillac. A notable contribution from this period was the 1935 LaSalle 50 Series.

With a commitment to innovation, LaSalle was among the pioneers in incorporating hydraulic brakes and the elegant Art Deco design into its cars. The brand witnessed its zenith in 1929, with a production count nearing 24,000 vehicles. However, the following decade brought challenges. The debilitating impact of the Great Depression in the late 1930s dampened the allure of luxury vehicles, causing a decline in LaSalle’s sales. Eventually, the 1940 LaSalle Series 52 became its swan song. By 1940, after crafting approximately 218,000 vehicles in 14 years, GM decided to cease the production of LaSalle, reconfiguring Cadillac’s product line.

Meaning and History

LaSalle Logo History

What is LaSalle?

In 1927, Alfred P. Sloan, Chairman of the Board at General Motors, introduced LaSalle as an upscale car brand to enhance the company’s portfolio with a dash of sophistication. For 13 years, LaSalle delivered a luxurious driving experience to its customers until its production ceased in 1940. LaSalle set itself apart as a high-end luxury brand, differentiating itself from other GM brands, such as Cadillac, through its distinct marketing strategies and production methods.

1927 – 1946

LaSalle Logo

The brand’s emblem is a red circle. The shape and color emphasize the brand’s excellence and its second place in General Motors’ lineup. The car looked elegant anywhere, a concept used in advertising.

The figure features a metallic border, symbolizing quality and reliability, along with a thin black inner outline that highlights the prestige of the models.

The company named its best products elegantly and meaningfully to appeal to intelligent, discerning buyers from high society. Cadillac’s sibling was named after Sieur de La Salle, a French explorer who studied North America.

The emblem uses only the first letters, La S. white emphasizes novelty. With LaSalle cars, you can explore any corner of the planet.