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Libero Logo

Libero Logo
Libero Logo PNG

Libero is a world-famous brand that produces diapers for children of different ages, bibs, paper diapers, wet wipes, and hygiene products for babies. Essity founded it. Moreover, the brand has the status of a brand and a pulp and paper enterprise, a research laboratory with a central office in Stockholm (Sweden). The first line of products was launched in 1955.

Meaning and History

Libero Symbol

The original logo dates back to the year of the debut of children’s products because until then, the Swedish company Essity had a different direction of work. As soon as it appeared, the Libero emblem contained the original “L,” while the rest of the letters remained standard. This feature is typical for all the following logo variants.

The personal identification mark of a brand consists of a name. The word “Libero” is represented as a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. The “L” is handwritten: the top has a large loop, and the bottom has a small loop. The leg is expressively curved and superimposed on the adjacent “i” with a large dot. From the outside, it is perceived as if mom or dad are hugging their child.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Libero Emblem

The typeface used in the logo is individual: it consists of a combination of handwritten and printed characters. This design prevails in all brand logos. The dark blue letters have a blue border that is located on the left side. The background is white.