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The Libero logo has a sense of volume and softness, which shows the excellent quality of the product and the care for the baby’s skin. The emblem represents products that absorb moisture well and the company that understands children and their parents.

Libero: Brand overview

Stockholm, Sweden
Libero is a world-famous brand that produces diapers for children of different ages, bibs, paper diapers, wet wipes, and hygiene products for babies. Essity founded it. Moreover, the brand has the status of a brand and a pulp and paper enterprise, a research laboratory with a central office in Stockholm (Sweden). The first line of products was launched in 1955.

Meaning and History

Libero Logo History

Libero hygiene products used to be produced by Svenska Cellulosa AB, a timber industry company that owns vast areas of tree plantations in Sweden, Estonia, and Latvia. But in 2017, this brand became part of the Essity company, which left the SCA and took over some of the brands. So now, all Libero products are made exclusively at Essity factories. And there is quite a lot of it because the assortment includes diapers of all sizes and types and care products for children. The latter include, for example, emollient creams and cleansing wipe.

Products of this brand are marked with a recognizable logo. It contains only the word “Libero,” presented in the signature purple color. Until 2010, the text sign looked a little different: before, a completely different font was used, associated with lightness and dynamics. But the changes that have taken place have allowed the brand to find its original style and move away from the standard design of the inscription.

What is Libero?

Libero is a brand of children’s products owned by the Swiss manufacturer of medical and hygiene products, Essity AB. The main assortment of the brand includes diapers for children of different ages (from birth to 3 years and older), shampoos, lotions, creams, and wipes.

1990 – 2010

Libero Logo 1990

The first Libero logo was all black, and its background color depended on the visual context. The designers conveyed the brand name in cursive script with a slight slant to the right. They visually split the word into two parts, leaving the letters “b” and “e” unrelated. At the same time, other glyphs were connected by smooth lines. Almost all corners were rounded, which created a favorable impression of the brand as a source of safe children’s products. Due to this, the inscription was associated with softness, tenderness, and parental care.

2010 – today

Libero Logo

The original logo dates back to the year of the debut of children’s products because until then, the Swedish company Essity had a different direction of work. As soon as it appeared, the Libero emblem contained the original “L,” while the rest of the letters remained standard. This feature is typical for all the following logo variants.

The personal identification mark of a brand consists of a name. The word “Libero” is represented as a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. The “L” is handwritten: the top has a large loop, and the bottom has a small loop. The leg is expressively curved and superimposed on the adjacent “i” with a large dot. From the outside, it is perceived as if mom or dad are hugging their child.

Libero: Interesting Facts

Libero is a brand that makes diapers and wipes for babies. It’s part of a big company called Essity from Sweden, which makes hygiene and health products.

  1. All Kinds of Diapers: Libero has many different diapers for babies growing up. They ensure babies are comfortable and don’t get diaper rash thanks to breathable materials and signs showing when the diaper is wet.
  2. Caring for the Planet: Libero tries to be good to the environment. They use materials from well-managed forests and work on making less waste and easier-to-recycle packaging.
  3. Smart Tech in Products: Their diapers use smart tech to keep babies dry and comfy, like materials that absorb a lot of moisture but let air flow to prevent rash.
  4. Safe for Baby Skin: Libero’s products are tested to be safe and gentle. They don’t contain harmful ingredients that could hurt a baby’s skin.
  5. Help for Parents: Libero isn’t just about selling diapers. It also offers parents advice and tips about caring for babies through its website and online.
  6. Available Everywhere: Libero used to be mostly in Scandinavian countries, but now it is available in many places worldwide. They make sure their products fit the needs of different families.
  7. Always Getting Better: Libero continues to develop new ideas and improve its products based on research and what parents say they need.
  8. Top-Quality and Safe: They test all their products extensively to ensure they are super safe and high quality, which helps parents trust them more.

Libero stands out because it constantly invents new things, cares deeply about the planet, and helps families with their needs. It’s also known as a reliable brand for baby hygiene products.

Font and Colors

Libero Emblem

The typeface used in the logo is individual: it consists of a combination of handwritten and printed characters. This design prevails in all brand logos. The dark blue letters have a blue border that is located on the left side. The background is white.

Libero Symbol

Libero color codes

Russian VioletHex color:#47256b
RGB:71 37 107
CMYK:34 65 0 58
Pantone:PMS 268 C