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The unusual and pretentiousness that distinguishes the Limp Bizkit logo quite echoes the scandalousness and fame of the rock band. The bright colors of the visual mark convey the powerful energy of the melodies and the tendency to combine different styles of music.

Limp Bizkit: Brand overview

Founded: 1994–2006, 2009–present
Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.
Limp Bizkit is a US-based music group formed in 1994. Their style combines alternative rock, vocal elements of hip-hop, and various subgenres of metal such as grunge and funk. The ensemble became famous for its bright performances, sound experiments, and energetic manner of performance. Despite the constant scandals that fueled him, he was nominated for a Grammy three times and won more than ten wins in other awards.

Meaning and History

Limp Bizkit Logo History

The logo designers decided to make it a marketing tool, so they put the group’s name in the center. The phrase “Limp Bizkit” was coined by vocalist William Frederick “Fred” Durst. Before that, the musicians discussed for a long time which version to choose. They wanted to choose something bright, associated with the heavy metal artists of the 1990s. For example, Bitch Piglet, Split Dickslit, or Gimp Disco. In the end, someone said that due to long arguments, his brain became like a “flabby cookie.”

Fred Durst picked up an unexpected idea. The frontman changed the second word’s spelling to “Bizkit” and made “Limp Bizkit” the band’s name. And then this phrase adorned the emblem and never disappeared from it again.

What is Limp Bizkit?

Limp Bizkit is an American rock band that emerged in the mid-1990s. They gained fame for their unique blend of genres, including nu-metal, hip-hop, rap, and hardcore. Energetic performances complement their distinctive sound. Many of the band’s albums have become hits and have sold millions of copies. The group’s frontman is William Frederick Durst.

1999 – 2003

Limp Bizkit Logo 1999-2003

In 1999, an American group used an aggressive logo with hellish lettering. The Gothic font is originally stylized. The symbols are complemented by sharp serifs, spikes, and elegant curves. The base “z” is so long that it reaches up to the “t.” Many letters merge or overlap. There is no space between them, so both words look like one large monogram.

The palette of the graphic sign resembles the fire element. The irregular gradients of red, yellow, and orange evoke dancing flames. The shades are arranged so that the center is light, and the edges, on the contrary, are darker.

2003 – 2011, 2013 – today

Limp Bizkit Logo 2003-2011

In 2003, the designers completely changed their style. They designed the emblem from scratch, writing the phrase “Limp Bizkit” in bold Plakette-Heavy typeface. All letters are lowercase and are compressed vertically. The developers have added an original drawing on the left: a white ghost holding out his hand with an open palm in an inviting gesture.

The phantom silhouette is depicted against the background of a two-color rectangle. The left side of the geometric shape is blue with rounded corners. The right one is black, like the name of the band.

Font and Colors

Limp Bizkit Emblem

The modern logo format meets the latest musical trends, with which the worldview of the band members echoes. Therefore, they gradually left the gothic monogram format, opting for a clear and geometric style. It fits perfectly into the format of their fourth album, Results May Vary.

The letters on the logo are even, smooth, elongated, without thorns and sharp elements. The ghost icon, located to the left of the text, adds friendliness to them. It is a rectangle with uneven corners: on the left, they are rounded, but not on the right. The ghost extends his hand forward, inviting him to join him. The phantom’s torso is on the dark part of the rectangle (blue or black), the hand is on the red.

Limp Bizkit Symbol

The letters squeezed on both sides are written close to the Plakette-Heavy typeface. They are the same strictly vertical, but with wide legs, which makes them unshakable, confident, stable. The design hints at the same: the phrase “limpbizkit” is filed in a continuous format.

The logo palette includes several colors: red (letters, the right fragment of the icon), white (a ghost that divides the rectangle into two parts), blue or black (the left side of a two-part sign).

Limp Bizkit color codes

Yale Blue Hex color: #0d4d97
RGB: 13 77 151
CMYK: 91 49 0 41
Pantone: PMS 2945 C
Lust Hex color: #e21d15
RGB: 226 29 21
CMYK: 0 4 20 7
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C