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The Spanish arms manufacturer expressed its fiery nature with an appropriate logo. The Llama logo itself is not very bright, but the images embedded in it compensate for the external fade. It is a symbol of aggression and bellicose mood, which are balanced by a cold mind and precise calculation.

Llama: Brand overview

Founded:1904 – 2000
Eibar, Spain
Llama is a Spanish company specializing in producing and selling firearms. It was established in 1904. Weapons produced by this brand are available to those from Europe and Latin America. The activity of the company was stopped in 2000. This was due not to the management’s desire to suspend the brand’s activities but to bankruptcy. At that time, most local banks preferred to provide loans to Asian countries during the crisis on their continent while limiting organizations within Spain. Its headquarters were in Eibar. However, at different times the company’s branches were also located in Vitoria and Elgoibar. Llama produced revolvers and self-loading pistols. It was popular due to the adequate prices for the goods.

Meaning and History

Llama Symbol

Visual recognition of the brand was at a high level because the logo had not changed much during the entire period of Llama’s operation. There were several redesigns, but they were all based on the same line. Naturally, the company logo was popular among gun lovers. He consisted of a verbal inscription and an emblem, which is located on the left. The company’s name used a classic bold serif font with medium-thickness lines. All letters were presented in uppercase, which only gave credibility and status to the brand. Also, there was significant spacing between the letters.

If we talk about the emblem, this is the image of a flame located inside a round frame with a double white and black outline. At the top of the circle is the inscription “Llama.” It is identical to the main verbal inscription. The emblem is slightly larger than the letters in the company name, allowing you to pay attention to it in the first place. Some logo variations use an image of a flame without a frame.

What is Llama?

This is a company that has suspended its activities but, for a long time, was considered one of the most popular Spanish weapons brands. It had influence far beyond the European continent.

The black and white color palette demonstrated the company’s serious attitude to its business, distinguishing it from competitors with a bright emblem. Thus, associations with security were created among the company’s clients, which only increased interest in weapons manufactured under the Llama brand.

Font and Colors

Llama Emblem

A classic bold serif typeface was used for the wordmark with the company name. It looks harmonious on any surface. The inscription was readable; therefore, potential customers of the weapons brand could see it from afar against the background of other logos. Capital letters with a large distance between themselves added confidence and strength to the name “Llama,” clearly associating the company with serious activities.

The black and white color palette was not chosen by chance. At a minimum, the black inscription on a white background looks confident, making the logo timeless and ideally suited to any market trend. Also, using such a color scheme, the logo will look harmonious from any angle. On the other hand, it can be said that some potential company customers do not always recognize the “flame” on the emblem precisely because it is depicted in black and not in red.

Llama color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C