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The whiskey emblem evokes a feeling of home, wide autumn alleys, and oak groves. The Macallan logo indicates the long maturation of alcohol in wooden containers, which gives it a special color and aftertaste. Lovers of Scottish brands will appreciate the drink.

Macallan: Brand overview

Founder:Alexander Reid
Easter Elchies, Craigellachie, Moray, Scotland
Scottish single malt whiskey producer Macallan is committed to keeping the tradition alive. Alcohol matures in oak barrels grown in the north of Spain because its color and taste depend on the quality of the wood. But the woodworkers are not the only valuable employees of the company. The distillery employees are also of great importance, where old recipes are combined with modern technologies. And the quality of whiskey is also influenced by the local nature because the distillery is located on the banks of the River Spey. In order not to harm the local flora and fauna, he maintains the highest environmental standards: Macallan not only purifies the water used for distillation but also provides birds with a nesting place since its round-roofed buildings are camouflaged as hills and covered with green vegetation.

Meaning and History

Macallan Symbol

The biggest pride of Macallan (besides Scotch whiskey) is an old estate in the Speyside region. A distillery has been operating in this picturesque area for several centuries, which in 2018 moved to a new building. It was licensed in 1824, but probably much earlier, as one of the estate’s first houses was built in 1700. This historic building, known as the Easter Elchies House, is featured on the distillery’s logo. The artists depicted a three-story building with 11 barred windows, several chimneys, and an entrance door.

Easter Elchies was originally a holiday home owned by the Grant family before being bought by the Seafield family. In 1820 Alexander Reid rented it. The new entrepreneur noticed that whiskey production was established on the farms: locals prepared a drink to sell to tired people who transported cattle across the River Spey. He decided to turn it into a profitable business and obtained a distillation license. So a cozy house on the coast was transformed into the center of distilling traditions.

The name Macallan comes from the word “Maghellan” (as the territory of the estate used to be called), which is formed from two bases: “magh” – fertile land translated from the dead Celtic language and “Ellan” – the short name of the Scottish Saint Fillan. The latter, in turn, is related to a dilapidated church standing nearby.

Unfortunately, Easter Elchies House survived into the 20th century in poor condition because it was not the main part of the distillery. Macallan purchased this historic building in the 1960s and invested a lot of money in its restoration. Unjustified, at first glance, investments nevertheless paid off: now this house is considered a spiritual center and represents the brand as a continuer of traditions. The building is depicted on the logo surrounded by tall trees and shrubs, and directly below it is the year the distillery was licensed: 1824. Below is the article “The,” below it is the word “MACALLAN,” even below it is the phrase “HIGHLAND SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY” (in two lines, centered).

The three-story building that is part of the logo testifies to the company’s rich heritage because the foundation for it was laid much earlier than in 1824. Easter Elchies House is also a reminder of the right investments and the choices that constantly have to be made. The trees depicted around to show that Macallan’s leaders put nature at the center of all processes and are inspired by it in whiskey production.

Font and Colors

Macallan Emblem

The Macallan logo has unique typography as each lettering has been individually designed. The article “The” is made in a graceful font that mimics a handwritten one. The company name consists of high-contrast bold letters with long serifs. And the phrases “EST. 1824” and “HIGHLAND SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY” are written in Antiqua, roughly similar to Canada Type’s Bunyan Pro Regular, but smoother and rounder. In addition, the typeface resembles Multima Strong Regular by Kiril Zlatkov, but compared to this font; it looks thinner and more elegant.

Black, white, and gold are the core of the color scheme. Black is used for almost all lettering, house outlines, windows, doors, and roofs. White – Easter Elchies wall and background. Gold highlights the trees around the building, the phrase “EST. 1824,” and lines along the edges of the letters in words “The” and “MACALLAN.”

Macallan color codes

Dark GoldenrodHex color:#af7c1e
RGB:175 124 30
CMYK:0 29 83 31
Pantone:PMS 7551 C
Zinnwaldite BrownHex color:#200c00
RGB:32 12 0
CMYK:0 62 100 87
Pantone:PMS 4975 C