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The “Made in USA” logo is a label indicating the country of origin of goods. It is not only patriotic but also very practical, as it marks all products exported abroad. This emblem popularizes the United States and raises its prestige in the eyes of consumers.

Made in USA: Brand overview

Founder:Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
United States of America
Made in USA is a phrase that accompanies every product manufactured within its territory. This applies to all types of products, from heavy machinery to light textiles. The label indicates that the product is fully or almost fully manufactured or assembled within the country. The placement of the label is regulated by a special authority, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). This marking is mandatory.

Meaning and History

Made in USA Symbol

The practice of using the “Made in USA” logo is related to marketing. It serves two purposes. The first is to protect products from counterfeiting. This inscription indicates the place of origin of the goods – that they were created in the United States. It can be fully manufactured or assembled from components within the country. Such a label testifies that the buyer is dealing with an original product, not a counterfeit, and the American manufacturer fully guarantees its quality to all consumers.

The second purpose of the symbol is to raise the prestige of the country and promote it in the international market. Buyers believe that these products carry fewer risks and have increased value. Many American companies use this fact and place the “Made in USA” emblem next to their own logo. In some cases, it represents only one phrase, while in others, it is complemented by an image of the United States national flag.

What is Made in USA?

Made in USA is a label that accompanies all goods manufactured or assembled within the territory of the United States. The mark is used if the product is based on local materials or assembled in the country from imported components at least 75%. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regulates related issues and the placement of the label.

The mark features a large inscription in uppercase letters. The letters are smooth, grotesque, and tall. The combination of curves and angles in the letters harmonizes and positively affects the legibility of the text since it should be clearly visible and understood at first glance. The spacing between the letters is narrow, while the space between the words is wider. The main phrase is aligned with the left and right edges of the US flag positioned above it.

The graphics are minimalist and classic and fully reproduce the canvas of the main national symbol. The image has a rectangular shape and is horizontally arranged. The drawing includes three long red stripes and four short ones alternating with white lines of similar thickness. In the upper left corner, there is a small dark blue rectangle filled with 50 five-pointed stars.

The Made in USA logo has not changed because it consists of a single phrase that should be clear and easy to read. In some cases, it is used alone without any accompanying image. The text, along with the flag, can be placed in a circle or rectangle, framed or frameless.

Font and Colors

Made in USA Emblem

The typeface present in the inscription resembles Recta Bold, developed by the Canada Type studio. It is smooth, printed, slab-serif, and uppercase. The letters are characterized by medium boldness and clear geometry with straight edges. The palette matches the colors of the American flag, consisting of blue, red, and white.

Made in USA color codes

Blue BlackHex color:#00003b
RGB:0 0 59
CMYK:100 100 0 77
Pantone:PMS 2766 C
Maximum RedHex color:#d72229
RGB:215 34 41
CMYK:0 84 81 16
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C