Marvel announces Spider-Man 3 title

Spider-Man 3 No Way Home Logo

The Marvel Film Studio decided to play with the audience and look forward to the sequel’s release to the famous film. We are talking about small practical jokes on the part of the main actors of the picture. Tom Holland (the leading actor) on his page shared not only a frame from the new film but also allegedly announced the title: Phone Home. Also, the logo for the film was shown in green.

The other actors did the same: Jacob Batalon, who plays the protagonist’s friend, and Zendaya, who plays Spider-Man’s beloved. They also published alleged new titles: Home-Wrecker and Home Slice. On their Instagram pages, the logos have taken on a gray and pink color.

Also, shots from the future film are very symbolic. The three characters unravel a new mystery, letting fans know that they are confused, and the actors fueled interest with their comments on each other’s pages.

Marvel finally announced the name of the new Spider-Man 3: No Way Home. The company also shared all the possible options that could be used for the film. Among them, you can see funny names, with references to musical works or even a pandemic. The brightest options: “Work from home,” “Home alone,” “Stay at home.” The ZOOM app’s heavy use during quarantine also influenced the developers, who suggested the name Zooming Home.