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Medicare Logo

Medicare Logo
Medicare Logo PNG

The Medicare Health Protection Program provides health coverage for Americans near retirement age and young people with certain medical conditions. This is one of the large-scale projects of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, a federal agency that has provided social services since 1939.

Meaning and History

Medicare Symbol

The Health Department supports over 100 programs aimed at screening, hospitalization, and treatment for a wide range of communities. To oversee them, he opened 11 divisions, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Thus, Medicare is one of many HHS projects and is run by the ministry.

The insurance program logo reflects its relationship with the parent agency. On the left is the one-color HHS emblem – a flying eagle. The US National Bird is also featured on the Health Department’s flag and stamp for legal purposes and is used on documents to authenticate documents.

The Medicare name appears to the left with a blank white background. The inscription scale can be changed, but it is always smaller in size than the eagle. Thus, the designers showed the dominance of HHS over the health program.

The bird is too abstract to be taken literally. The schematic drawing shows the wings, head, beak, legs, and even a tail. However, all this has no details and is perceived only at the level of associations. The figure is formed by four jagged lines, two of which have the outlines of human faces, and two more – emphasize the resemblance to the American eagle.

The bird is pointing to the left. She flies with her wings spread wide and looking straight ahead. The tips of the lines are slightly curved to emphasize the dynamics. But the main thing is not this, but the very faces that an attentive viewer can notice on the right side of the picture. They represent the entire American people.

The fact that the faces are depicted inside the eagle speaks to the Health Department’s concern for the entire nation’s health. After all, the bald eagle is a national symbol, and HHS is a US federal agency. The emblem creators drew a parallel between them, depicting the ministry in the role of a protective bird that covers people with its mighty wings. Since Medicare is one of the HHS programs, this allegorical image has been carried over to its logo.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Medicare Emblem

The figure is supplemented with two inscriptions. The long-phrase “DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES USA” is located in a semicircle. It starts at the bottom of the eagle’s paw and ends at the top of the wings’ tip. It uses a sans serif font – the same font found in the HHS stamp print. On the right is the name of the health protection program. For the word “Medicare,” the designers chose a completely different design: one of the standard oblique grotesques.

The left side of the logo is dark blue, while the right side is slightly lighter. Two shades of the same color are associated with medicine and health because the Medicare logo’s palette has never changed.