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Merlion logo appears simple at first glance but incorporates intricate details that deserve a closer look. The emblem replaces the letter ‘E’ with a red graphic element shaped like three wavy lines. The rest of the name is in a lowercase font with rounded glyphs. Exceptionally, the letter’ l’ stands as a vertical pillar. Some characters are adorned with tiny triangular notches on the left side, appearing like individual spikes.

The red graphic element that replaces the ‘E’ commands immediate attention. Its three wavy lines serve a purpose beyond mere aesthetic value. They evoke the sensation of movement and dynamism, suggesting constant evolution and adaptability—traits critical for any thriving enterprise. The red color amplifies this effect. It’s a hue associated with passion, urgency, and vitality.

Merlion deliberately chooses to use a lowercase font for most of its name, apart from the ‘l,’ which stands tall and erect. Lowercase letters are typically seen as more approachable, suggesting the brand is accessible and consumer-friendly. The rounded glyphs add to this, providing comfort and continuity.

The ‘l’ in the company’s name disrupts this continuity but does so for a reason. Acting as a vertical pillar, it implies stability and steadfastness. While valuing fluidity and adaptability represented by the wavy lines, it’s as if the brand also appreciates the need for a stable foundation.

Adding further nuance are the tiny triangular notches adorning some of the letters. These subtle details, appearing like individual spikes, introduce an element of caution or attention. It’s a reminder that while the brand may be approachable and dynamic, it is also alert and aware.

The color scheme is minimalist but meaningful. The letters’ primary use of neutral tones allows the red graphic element to stand out prominently, emphasizing its significance. This approach ensures that the brand’s core values—dynamism, approachability, and caution—are not just hinted at but boldly declared. Thus, this carefully crafted logo encapsulates more than a brand name; it tells a story of balance between dynamism and stability, approachability and alertness.

Merlion: Brand overview

Founded: 1992
Founder: Oleg Karchev and Alexei Abramov
Krasnogorsk, Moscow Oblast, Russian Federation
Oleg Karchev and Alexei Abramov established Merlion in 1992 in Krasnogorsk, a city in the Moscow Oblast region of the Russian Federation. Initially, the firm’s main line of business was putting together computers and collaborating with retail stores, but it soon shifted its attention towards distributing individual components. By 1995, the company had started to market parts produced in countries in the Asia-Pacific region, most notably focusing on motherboards and graphics interfaces.

As years passed, Merlion significantly broadened its scope, eventually dealing with 670 brands and forging direct distribution pacts with over 400. The company’s affiliations now include more than 8,000 organizations spanning all corners of Russia and the surrounding Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Merlion’s retail extensions, such as Citilink and Positronika stores, as well as its ownership of the Russian tech manufacturer iRU and other renowned labels, have solidified its market presence.

Today, Merlion stands as a dominant distributor in Russia, excelling in various verticals, including but not limited to computers, digital gadgets, home appliances, office supplies, furniture, and even corporate gifts.

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Merlion color codes

Light Red Hex color: #ff3030
RGB: 255 48 48
CMYK: 0 81 81 0
Pantone: PMS Bright Red C
Eerie Black Hex color: #202020
RGB: 32 32 32
CMYK: 0 0 0 87
Pantone: PMS Neutral Black C