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The taste of strong dark beer is behind the image of the emblem. The Miller logo represents a company that has made it to the top and ships its products worldwide. The best hops and malt are used for production.

Miller: Brand overview

Founder:Frederick Miller
Milwaukee, Wisconsin United States
Miller Brewing Company is a subsidiary of the U.S.-Canadian Molson Coors. After its acquisition in 2016, it became the largest beer producer in North America and the third-largest brewery globally. And for a good reason, because it got the whole package of brands, which, among other things, includes Miller Genuine Draft. The brand owns the emblem in the form of an eagle soaring against the red sun.

Meaning and History

Miller Symbol

MGD is lager with a golden yellow color. It reminds us of draught beer because it is not pasteurized: a special technology is used in the process of its production, which implies fourfold cold filtration to get a light taste without bitterness of hops. The aroma has notes of herbs, corn, grain, and malt. Due to its characteristics, this drink has won several awards, but recently its popularity has declined, which can be seen in the decrease in market share in the United States.

The first bottles of Miller Genuine Draft appeared on store shelves in 1985. The original concept was invented by a Calle & Company-employee. It came very handily because other beer producers often copy Miller Brewing Company products, and she urgently needed something unique, able to stand out in the market of monotonous alcohol.

Given the desire of the brewery to make the brand bright and noticeable, the designers decorated the label with a rather complex logo, which consists of many diverse elements. In the foreground, of course, is the white word “Miller,” and it’s designed just like the Miller Brewing Company wordmark. The name is in a font that mimics handwritten text, slightly raised and underlined by a tapered bar.

At the top, a proud white-headed eagle holds spikelets of wheat in its paws. The diagonal inscription “GENUINE DRAFT ” is at the very bottom,” at the same angle as the first word. It is painted black and casts light volume shadows. The base of the logo is a circle with a red seal inside. Since the company name almost completely obscures its contents, only a few details are visible: fragments of awards, laurel wreath leaves, the word “TRADEMARK,” and individual letters.

The circle is placed in a black ring with a gold border and the same gold inscriptions “SINCE 1855” and “MILWAUKEE, WI, USA.” 1855 is the year Miller Brewing Company was founded. That’s when Frederick Edward John Miller renamed his brewery Plank Road, giving it its current name. Milwaukee is the city where the company is headquartered. The ring shows sheaves of wheat mixed with leaves and hops cones below.

The white-headed eagle is known to be the symbol of the United States. It represents courage, strength, national pride, confidence in oneself, and one’s strength. It is a manifestation of the strong character of Americans. The red sun, which is stylized on the Miller Genuine Draft emblem, represents awakening hope. And it is also associated with fertility because it directly affects the growth of herbs and cereals that are part of the brand beer and form its unique taste.

Font and Colors

Miller Emblem

The logo attracts attention not only with its symbolism but also with its unusual typography. For example, the font for the word “Miller” was made to order and is an example of calligraphy. All other inscriptions are done in low-contrast bold grotesque, while the letters in the phrase “GENUINE DRAFT” have a pronounced slant to the right, which has been added for visual balance.

The classic colors of the brand are red (#e83424), black (#040404), and dark gold (#a39161). The company name and the eagle’s head stand out against them in white.

Miller color codes

LustHex color:#e83424
RGB:232 52 36
CMYK:0 78 84 9
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Dark TanHex color:#a39161
RGB:163 145 97
CMYK:0 11 40 36
Pantone:PMS 7503 C
BlackHex color:#040404
RGB:4 4 4
CMYK:0 0 0 98
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C