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The organization has changed its corporate identity several times over the entire work period. The discreet original emblem was replaced with a more stylish themed image that better conveyed the essence of the global biotech giant. The updated version, which was used by the company until the sale of assets, was a logo with elements of vegetation. He demonstrated a connection with nature, as well as the possibility of studying its gifts in order to create new species.

Monsanto: Brand overview

Founded:September 26, 1901 – June 7, 2018
Founder:John Francis Queeny
Creve Coeur, Missouri, U.S.

Monsanto is the world leader in biotechnology (agriculture) and the largest multinational corporation. The main office and premises for research were located in the city of St. Louis (United States of America). The company’s laboratories produced genetically modified crop products and chemicals (insecticides and herbicides). In 2018, Monsanto sold all of its shares to major German manufacturer Bayer.

Meaning and History

Monsanto Logo History

Monsanto was one of the most powerful corporations in the agricultural industry. During the period of its existence, many varieties of seeds were created, as well as the necessary substances that affect the growth and development of crops. The agrochemicals category included fertilizers, insecticides, and a popular herbicide called Roundup. For a long time, the company occupied a leading position in the market but soon sold all the shares to a large German company operating in several directions at once.

The visual identity of the multi-industry brand was initially based on a minimalist logo that emphasized only certain features but did not reveal the essence. It was a two-piece emblem in achromatic colors. Later, it was replaced by a stylish thematic picture, which fully revealed the company’s message and its field of activity. The new version already had a decorative element.

What is Monsanto?

Monsanto is a large multi-industry concern specializing in the manufacture of genetically modified agricultural products and chemicals for plant treatment. The company had modern laboratories where numerous studies and experiments were carried out. The main achievements of the corporation were the herbicide “Roundup” and a particularly resistant variety of cotton “Ballguard.” In 2018, all of the company’s assets were transferred to Bayer.

1940 – 1957

Monsanto Logo 1940

1957 – 2003

Monsanto Logo 1957

The company used a strict, concise icon consisting of a large letter M and a full-fledged name on its background. In the presented design, the big ambitions of the owners were noticeable, as well as their desire to create a solid, powerful company that occupies a leading position in the market.

This was manifested in a strict roman sans-serif, showing progressiveness and reliability, as well as restrained coloring. Classic black is always a sign of authority and prestige, while neutral white symbolizes timelessness, honesty, and hope. All this conveyed the core philosophy of the brand at the time.

2003 – 2018

Monsanto Logo

In 2003, it was decided to update the existing logo, as it did not fully reflect the essence and strategy of the company. The designers were tasked with making the most natural logo that would symbolize unity with nature. The result of the work done was an updated version, which was radically different from its predecessor.

It was a more stylish and lively emblem, in which the inscription was harmoniously complemented by the main symbol of Monsanto’s activity – a plant. The image of a twig with leaves has been placed in a creative frame created by ornate lines. She seemed to protect the plant from negative external influences. In general, the style of the figure resembled a picture drawn with paints, further emphasizing the line of naturalness.

The wordmark was designed in a clear, expressive font that demonstrated stability, reliability, and professionalism. There were quite large spaces between the letters, which ensured good readability. The overall concept was complemented by natural colors, as close as possible to natural colors. She perfectly brought the main elements into balance.

Font and Colors

Monsanto Emblem

The visual identity of Monsanto is a true example of a kind and inspiring style that captures in detail the essence of a large diversified corporation. The main directions of a large company were biotechnology and bioengineering, so the main efforts of designers were directed to selecting thematic elements. In the finished version, a stylized elegant inscription and colors reminiscent of the natural shades of plants are advantageously combined.

The title is the main element. The wordmark was designed with a classic stylish font that has remained relevant for a long time. Among its features are thin, graceful lines, different thicknesses of letters, compact size, and the presence of neat serifs. Such a font favorably emphasizes professionalism, stamina, and authority. In addition, it was distinguished by good readability due to the increased spacing between letters.

Monsanto Symbol

The color scheme is an excellent complement to the chosen style solution. It continues the line of nature, which is fixed at the level of a decorative badge in the form of a thin branch. To design the inscription and the plant, deep green was used, which is closer to the group of dark shades. It symbolizes harmony, naturalness, and unity with the outside world. The frame is dark orange. It is associated with energy, growth, and vitality, which were also among the principles of Monsanto.

Monsanto color codes

Gotham GreenHex color:#005837
RGB:0 88 55
CMYK:100 0 38 66
Pantone:PMS 7727 C
Neon BrownHex color:#ca6c18
RGB:202 108 24
CMYK:0 47 88 21
Pantone:PMS 152 C