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The Morrisons logo represents a huge selection of products that are natural, safe, and pleasant to use. Each thing finds its shelf. The emblem shows the growth and spread of a company working for the benefit of its customers.

Morrisons: Brand overview

Founder:William Morrison
Bradford, England
More than 490 stores in different UK cities, over 120 years of experience in the retail sector, and about 110 thousand employees – all this characterizes Morrisons at its best. It has managed to overtake other supermarket chains: it competes with such large discounters as Asda, Aldi, and Lidl. And all thanks to a well-thought-out marketing campaign that involves attracting buyers by lowering prices.

Meaning and History

Morrisons Logo History

To resist the pressure of growing competition, the retail chain goes to any steps. This is evidenced by her desire for rebranding, especially in recent years. If she did not change her style until the middle of the 20th century, now designers only do what they come up with new logos for Morrisons. After all, the main way to become a leader is to get the attention of customers.

What is Morrisons?

It is the fourth largest retail chain in the U.K., with 497 supermarkets (2021). It was formed in 1899 by William Morrison, who gave the company his last name.

1899 – 1961

Morrisons Supermarkets Logo 1899-1961

At the very beginning, the company used an emblem with the words “MORRISON’S.” She could be seen above the entrances to the shops. A thin and straight serif typeface was in line with the fashion of the time because similar letterforms were often found on street signs.

1961 – 1979

Morrisons Supermarkets Logo 1961-1979

In 1961, a more complex logo appeared. It was divided into two disproportionate parts: on the left was an ellipse with a large “M,” and on the right was a rectangle with a two-line inscription “MORRISONS SUPERMARKETS.” A thin black line ran along the outline of the quadrangle. Simultaneously, the text was also black and looked contrasting against the background of dark pink geometric shapes.

1979 – 1985

Morrisons Logo 1979-1985

After the redesign, the emblem’s general appearance has changed, although the main elements remain the same. A black rectangular frame ran along the border. Inside it, at the very bottom, was the word “MORRISONS” sans serif. The rest of the space was occupied by a black square with an orange oval and a large “M.”

1985 – 2007

Morrisons Logo 1985-2007

An attempt to diversify the design did not lead to anything. The oval went from orange to yellow, and the name of the supermarket chain began to be written in a compact serif typeface. Due to the new font, the size of the rectangular frame has decreased slightly.

2007 – 2016

Morrisons Logo 2007-2016

The Morrisons owners understood that the development of the identity was at a standstill, which could hinder the attraction of clients of different nationalities. They urgently needed to do something, so they turned to the Landor branding agency for help. The specialists decided to keep the corporate identity but to remove some of the elements. This is how the emblem appeared with a green letter “M” inside a yellow oval and with the same green inscription “MORRISONS” at the bottom. All this was on a blank white background.

It’s worth noting that buyers didn’t like these experiments. The addition of a new logo to store signs, employee uniforms, and elite shop windows was accompanied by negative reactions every time. Therefore, in 2016, the management was forced to cancel the selected design.

2016 – today

Morrisons Logo 2016-present

Faced with customers’ conservatism, the retail chain owners decided to prepare them in advance for the next rebranding. The first rumors of a corporate identity change began in 2015 when the company registered the new logo as intellectual property. In the same year, the badge appeared in a supermarket: the Merrion Center in Leeds became a test site. And only then the head of David Potts announced the forthcoming “transformation plan.”

The redesign was part of the Fresh Look program. It envisioned a sharp decline in prices and renewed the corporate identity in all stores, which was to be completed by 2019. This would allow the entire chain to be united into one and lure customers of other large discounters.

The plan succeeded, although Morrisons’ owners were deeply afraid of negative customer reactions. The company stopped working at a loss and even came out on top: its income continues to grow every year. Perhaps this is one reason why the retail chain is in no hurry to change the logo again so as not to shock the unprepared public.

Font and Colors

Morrisons Emblem

The designers found a middle ground – an option that satisfied most of the clients. It does not have geometric shapes, as in the previous emblems, but it has a pattern of orange leaves. They look like the crown of a tree, and the letter “i” from the word “Morrisons” serves as the trunk. Below is the inscription “Since 1899”. This phrase reminds of the historical past of the company and underlines its many years of experience. In general, the style is similar to the British one – it looks luxurious and confident.

Morrisons Symbol

The logo update allowed the retailer to increase brand awareness. The font has completely changed: the serifs have disappeared, and all letters except the first “M” have become lowercase. The only thing that now reminds the old design is the yellow-green color scheme. But the designers moved away from the classics, opting for darker shades: Mikado Yellow (# FFC20E) for the leaf pattern and Castleton Green (# 00563F) for the chain’s name.

Morrisons color codes

Selective YellowHex color:#fcbc00
RGB:252 188 0
CMYK:0 25 100 1
Pantone:PMS 7549 C
Fun GreenHex color:#007531
RGB:0 117 49
CMYK:100 0 58 54
Pantone:PMS 355 C

What does the Morrisons logo mean?

The Morrisons logo stands for universal abundance. To do this, it depicts the crown of a tree growing from the letter i. It is completely covered with fine golden leaves and coins.

What font is the Morrisons logo?

Previously, the name of the Morrisons supermarket chain in the logo was written in a font close to Rockwell Regular. The modern version uses a bold grotesque – smooth, streamlined, symmetrical.

When was Morrisons founded?

William Morrison founded the Morrisons Company in Bradford in 1899 to trade in eggs and butter. The chain remained a family business for a long time until its shares were sold.

Who owns Morrisons supermarket?

This supermarket chain is owned by a private US investment company called CD&R (Clayton, Dubilier & Rice). She bought it for about $ 1 billion 360 thousand. The takeover took place in October 2021.