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The Multix logo represents a blend of compactness, eco-friendliness, and strength. The cars embody a modern phenomenon where technology endows small vehicles with extraordinary capabilities. The emblem is built on the idea of synthesis, creating a powerful alloy of functionality.

Multix: Brand overview

In 2012, an unexpected alliance between India’s Eicher Motors and America’s Polaris Inc. birthed Multix, a brand with bold ambitions. From its headquarters in India, Multix set out to redefine the commercial vehicle market, offering small trucks, vans, and pickups that quickly became the go-to choice for small and medium-sized businesses, thanks to their blend of affordability and efficiency.

By 2015, the company had expanded its horizons, exporting vehicles to Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. With multiple factories sprouting across India, production ramped up, fueling the company’s regional dominance throughout 2016.

In a daring move in 2017, the company ventured into the electric vehicle market. Their debut, a compact van designed for urban deliveries, highlighted their innovative spirit and commitment to sustainability, setting them apart in a competitive landscape.

However, 2018 proved to be a turbulent year. Intense market competition, shifting consumer preferences, and internal management struggles led Eicher Motors and Polaris Inc. to dissolve their joint venture, marking the end of Multix.

Meaning and History

Multix Logo History

What is Multix?

Indian automotive brand is recognized for its versatile, multi-functional vehicle tailored for personal and commercial applications. The vehicle, born from a collaboration between Eicher Motors and Polaris Industries, was specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of Indian consumers. Its exceptional adaptability, roomy cabin, excellent fuel efficiency, and flexibility to transport goods and passengers stand out.

2014 – 2018

Multix Logo

The Multix emblem is made of metal and features four separate drops intertwined to form a four-leaf clover, a symbol of luck. This symbol also represents the reliability and efficiency of Multix vehicles.

The number 4 holds special significance for Multix. It signifies the number of wheels and seats, as the vehicle is based on a four-seater quad bike. The vehicle serves four main functions:

  • It transports an average Indian family, providing comfort and safety.
  • It assists in work, allowing the vehicle to be used for various business purposes.
  • It carries loads up to 800 kilograms, making it an indispensable agricultural helper.
  • It generates electricity and functions as a diesel generator thanks to a special design by engineers.

On the shiny metal background, there is a broad orange cross. This color, part of the Indian flag, symbolizes the sun, light, and electricity. The cross shape resembles a crossroads, highlighting the vehicle’s high maneuverability and versatility.

Below the figure is the name Multix, which is in metallic color and futuristic font. The glyphs slightly taper, reflecting the vehicle’s compact size and wide range of functionalities.