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The Muni Gang logo is an intriguing blend of youthful rebellion and a casual approach to golf, designed by Henry Brentlinger of Hank Makes Studio. The logo features a black-and-white skull-shaped golf ball that strongly resembles a pirate flag, minus the crossed bones—or, in this case, golf clubs. The emblem is influenced by skate culture, embracing everything bright, unique, and youthful. The stylized skull sits within a gray-blue circle, beneath which the brand’s name is displayed in a custom-designed Paloma font with whimsical letters.

Skulls have been a potent symbol of counterculture, associated with rebellion, freedom, and nonconformity. The skull-shaped golf ball in the logo encapsulates a youthful spirit that refuses to play by the traditional rules. Here, the skull signifies not a menace but the audacity to redefine a gentleman’s game. The absence of crossed bones or clubs underneath the skull only emphasizes that the brand dares to be different. It’s a nod to an unshackled, independent approach to golf, breaking from the mold of the conventional, straight-laced golf community.

The influence of skate culture becomes apparent when looking at the stylistic choices that the logo makes. Skateboarding thrives on individualism, innovation, and breaking norms. These qualities transfer seamlessly into the design. The brand embraces bright and unconventional aesthetics to signal that it’s not just another golfing community but one with its own rules and style.

The choice of a gray-blue circle surrounding the skull serves a purpose, too. This color scheme signifies stability and wisdom but with a modern twist. It sets the stage for the skull, which becomes the centerpiece, grabbing attention and compelling one to ponder its significance. Muni Gang utilizes this color to balance the rebellious nature of the skull, creating a sense of harmony within the emblem.

The custom Paloma font further complements the brand’s quirky nature. The whimsical letters match the youthful and innovative spirit encapsulated by the skull and skate culture influences. It helps convey that this is a brand for the young, regardless of age.

Each logo component—from the black-and-white skull to the gray-blue circle and the custom font—works cohesively to define what the brand stands for: a modern, innovative, and unorthodox approach to golf. The emblem fuses disparate worlds and styles to craft a coherent, captivating visual identity. It boldly states that golf doesn’t have to be formal and stuffy but can be fun, youthful, and full of life.

Muni Gang: Brand overview


The company Muni Gang originated in Portland, Oregon, focusing on celebrating the casual aspects of municipal golf. Founders Maxton Reinland and Drew Reinland sought to break down the barriers surrounding golf by making it appealing to enthusiasts of skate culture. To achieve this, they produce casual wear, golf outfits, artistic pieces, and various accessories that capture the essence of relaxed municipal golf.

Muni Gang is dedicated to fostering community spirit. It regularly organizes urban golf events in Portland to create community and facilitate interaction among like-minded individuals. This approach distinguishes the company as a catalyst for making golf less formal and more approachable, in contrast to the uptight atmosphere often associated with country clubs.

Another standout feature of Muni Gang is its youthful and vibrant design philosophy. The company employs audacious patterns and styles heavily influenced by skate culture, successfully drawing the attention of a younger demographic. This fresh perspective has enabled Muni Gang to extend the reach of golf into urban settings and audiences that traditionally might not have engaged with the sport.

Muni Gang serves as a proponent for a new, relaxed golf culture. Its mission revolves around inclusivity and aims at bringing the joy of golf to broader audiences by promoting an urban golf movement.

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